Samsung's Custom New Team Member MerchBox

Samsung's On-Board-Themed MerchBox

When Samsung wanted to welcome new team members to a special project team, they knew that adding custom merch to the occasion would make the process even more exciting. Thanks to our MerchBox Merch Solution, we worked with the Samsung project lead to bring their vision to life. They decided on a unique theme that fit the occasion of welcoming a new team member, and from there, our team got to work! We sourced incredible new products from our wide array of brands and perfectly assembled the products into one beautiful presentation. 

What we love most about our MerchBox Merch Solution is that it can be as simple or as detailed as you want. If you want to simply choose a turnkey theme that we have already assembled, the process is seamless! However, if you want to start from scratch or if your gifting occasion is unique to your company, we're here to help you build your box from the inside out.

Group Order Tool: A Seamless Merch Ordering Process

Ordering custom gifts for a large group can be a daunting task. When you’re in charge of the logistics that go into ordering custom merch for a variety of employees, chances are you don’t have a ton of extra time to dedicate to the project. That’s why we’ve perfected the art of ordering merch for a large group with the Group Order Tool. The Group Order Tool is one offering in our assortment of Merch Solutions, which made ordering merch easier than ever.

The Group Order Tool allows you to simply add members to a custom group order, and distribute a unique link to each member. This company store link gives them access to the ordering site, which displays product offerings and details, and allows each individual to select their sizes and input their address. This process alleviates the stress and hassle of collecting sizes and addresses, which can take hours, and also reduces the chances of inputting incorrect information.

A Look at the Custom Merch:

To bring their "Welcome Aboard" theme to life, we used products that followed suit with a board theme. With a charcuterie theme, the message was loud and clear! Samsung gave the "We're Glad to Have You On Board" message through cheese boards, snacks, spreads, and a tasteful cookbook. It was one of the most fun and on-trend MerchBox themes we've brought to life to date!

Custom Cheese Board and Knife Set

The charcuterie-themed MerchBox started with an essential piece; the cheese board and knives! This Leed's Cheese Board Set is an upgrade to your regular cutting board, as it features a marble design alongside the sleek wood. The utensils are neatly tucked underneath the board, allowing you to never misplace the tools you need for the ultimate charcuterie board.

Callies' Cheese Crisps

Along with all of your favorite cheese and fruit, these cheese crisps will provide a little extra crunch and make a great pairing with all of the items on your charcuterie board. However, if you don't end up needing them on your board, they make a great snack on their own!


On Board Charcuterie Book

Beautiful coffee table books and cookbooks are trending gifts at the moment, making this On Board Charcuterie Book the perfect addition to the Samsung MerchBox. This book is a statement piece in any kitchen, and will provide all of the inspiration you need for your next charcuterie board! It also helped bring the "On Board" message to life!

Callies' Raspberry Pepper Spread

This spread brings the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and will go great alongside your favorite cheeses. Spread this delicious jam over a cracker and add a bite of cheese, and you'll be feeling like a charcuterie pro!

Tips for Creating the Ultimate Charcuterie Board

Learn more about how to create an amazing charcuterie board for your next fall get-together

We’ve seen everything from sweet charcuterie boards to holiday-themed charcuterie boards, as they are the most fun when you make them all your own. Custom logo charcuterie boards and the corporate cheese-serving accessories to go with them make amazing gifts for clients, employees, or co-workers, and we’re here to give you some inspiration for your next board!

Create a Custom Company Gift Set

Whether you're looking to add gift bundle options to your Group Order Tool, or you would like to create a new theme to send to all of your team, we can work with you to completely customize your gift box. 

Check out our pre-designed MerchBox examples to select a turnkey theme and product assortment, or bring us your creative vision and budget and we can customize a new MerchBox to your liking! The MerchBox is here to combine all of your favorite products to create the ultimate token of appreciation for your team, clients, or customers.


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Check Out the Group Order Tool

Learn more about the amazing tool that helped bring the Samsung order to life! Skip the hassle of large group orders and incorrect sizes this year and create your unique company store with the Merchology Group Order Tool. Choose the products and clothing items you want to offer to your team, add your company logo file to the store, and let everyone shop 'til their hearts' content!

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