Business Travel Returns in 2022

Business Travel Returns: Get Ready!

Get ready to flex those airline miles and rewards points again, because corporate travel is back and ready to start moving! After a long two plus years of video meetings, Slack exchanges, and back-and-forth email threads, business class travel is ready to help your company connect with potential clients, connect international offices, and so much more.

While business travelers are digging out their beloved carry-ons and picking out a great book to read on the flight, there are still some new corporate travel considerations to keep in mind. While the national mask mandate was lifted earlier this spring, it will still be some time before business travel is back at the level it once was. 

Economists are predicting that corporate travel won't reach standard levels (such as those in 2019, for example) until at least 2024. During this time, a hybrid approach is considered to be the most widely used method of business meetings and industry events. The best way for your company to stay on top of its game? Be prepared for both! 

A woman in a suit rolling her suitcase into a hotel for a corporate travel business trip

How to Prepare for Hybrid Business Travel?

Keep your Zoom apps at the ready and connect with your colleagues and clients virtually! Set up an online company shop with the MerchStore tool and allow new employees or seasoned vets a chance to score new company merch from the comfort of their home. Or choose to send custom merch gift sets to employees around the world with a few clicks of a button with MerchBoxes!

On the other end of this hybrid-travel spectrum includes preparing employees to begin traveling again and being able to promote your company every step of the way! Shop logo-branded jackets and corporate pullovers to keep your team warm at each stop of the trip. Keep work moving smoothly during layovers with corporate laptop bags to protect work computers no matter what city they may be in. Lastly, ensure safety against future outbreaks with custom logo-branded facemasks, company hand sanitizers, and corporate thermometers to track any symptoms and prevent a spread.

Shop the Fly Safe MerchBox

Ease back into travel with the Fly Safe MerchBox! Give your team members an easy way to pack up their belongings and be ready for the trip with the Zusa Daytripper Backpack. A logo-embossed leather passport wallet and travel organizer can help keep travel documents safe and easy to reach. To round out the custom Fly Safe MerchBox are logo-branded hand sanitizers and company face masks to protect your personal space and ensure a clean, comfortable space.