Custom Backpacks + Your Embroidered Logo

There’s a lot to be said about someone wearing a custom backpack. They’re headed places—and they’ve got things to do. They’re go-getters, who couldn’t possibly fit their cargo tucked under their arm, or in a denim pocket. They’re dreamers, going to class to get their degree, or headed to work to earn that promotion. Well, okay, maybe personalized backpacks are just mobile storage bags, but they’re darned important if you’re the kind of person who plans on getting places. Add your printed or embroidered company logo to your custom backpack and make them an even bigger identity statement. Or, make them a cool promotional item for your business. The choice is yours.





Wenger Charcoal Meter 14

Wenger Charcoal Meter 14" Laptop Backpack

MSRP: $79.49

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