Basics of Women's Business Casual to Have in Your Closet


Business Casual Basics: Women

Always Have Something to Wear: Your Business Casual Wardrobe

One of the worst feelings you can have in the morning before work is the realization that you don’t know what to wear for work. Maybe you forgot to lay out your clothes the night before. Maybe you planned out a work outfit in your head, but it looks nothing like you thought it would when you put it on. Maybe you just started a new job, and you’ve been faking your way through with the few business casual pieces you have. Now, you’re late, and you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing. It’s not a recipe for the start of a good day. 

Never fear—at Merchology, we have the solution: a guide to the perfect business casual wardrobe capsule for women! Capsule wardrobes are essentially a whittled-down wardrobe of basic pieces that coordinate well so you can mix and match them all together. The business casual wardrobe capsule for women that we’ve put together will help to make sure you always have something to wear for work. If you’re throwing together an outfit in the morning, you won’t have to worry—your outfits will essentially be made for you! 

If you’re ordering corporate apparel for women in your office, this guide is for you! Below are some of our favorite custom workwear basics for women!

Custom Business Casual T-Shirts for Women

The business casual T-shirt can be your best friend. They’re the best base layer you can find because they aren’t bulky, but they minimize sweat and maximize comfort at the same time. Custom business casual t-shirts are the perfect base layer under a blazer, denim jacket, or sweater. Business casual T-shirts are also perfect to pair with statement pants or your favorite trousers, creating a simple, classy, look.

  • Our Favorite: Custom Bella + Canvas Women's White Flowy T-Shirt with Rolled Cuff
  • The custom Bella + Canvas Women’s Flowy T-Shirt is one of our favorite custom women’s T-shirts because it’s actually flattering. Available in seven pastel and neutral colors, this rolled cuff T-shirt is a perfect base layer for your outfit. The rolled sleeve also makes it dressed up enough to wear on its own with your favorite trousers or jeans. Your company’s logo will appear on the T-shirt’s front, so your brand is on display!

    Custom Bella + Canvas Women's White Flowy T-Shirt with Rolled Cuff

    Logo-Branded Sleeveless Shirts

    For another basic layer, the logo-branded sleeveless shirt is another solid basic to keep on hand. Its function is similar to a basic T-shirt as it’s perfect for layering or wearing on its own. A logo-branded sleeveless shirt is a functional addition to any business casual wardrobe capsule for women. 

  • Our Favorite: Alternative Apparel Women's Cap Sleeve Satin Jersey Crew T-Shirt
  • Available in black, white, heather grey, and red, the logo-branded Alternative Apparel Women’s Cap Sleeve Satin Jersey Crew T-Shirt is a fan-favorite basic to keep in your closet—order for your team in every color! It’s light and breathable, and it pairs well with your favorite jeans, slacks, or trousers. With this custom shirt, you get the effortless look of a sleeveless shirt while still maintaining full coverage. This is a sleeveless shirt you can wear with confidence! Your logo will appear on the front or left chest. 


    Alternative Apparel Women's Black Cap Sleeve Satin Jersey Crew T-Shirt

    Custom Button-Up Shirts for Women

    Custom Button-Up Shirts elevate any outfit with minimal effort. Perfect for conducting interviews, meeting with clients or partners, or presenting at conventions, the right button-up shirt does the work to make you look and feel put together and professional. They can be tucked in, untucked, or open over a basic tee, making them a necessity for your team’s basic business casual capsule.

  • Our Favorite: Custom Port Authority Women's White Dimension Knit Dress Shirt
  • It can be difficult to find a women’s button-up shirt that doesn’t feel overly boxy or bunched up. The custom Port Authority Women's Dimension Knit Dress Shirt has a lightweight, silky feel. It offers a classy, sophisticated look when worn with a suit, slacks, or business casual skirt. What makes this a great basic business casual capsule piece is that it can be styled with loafers, sneakers, or heels easily. Order for your team for an upcoming event or business trip, and we’ll add your company’s logo!

    Custom Port Authority Women's White Dimension Knit Dress Shirt

    Branded Everyday Skirts

    The classic skort has made its comeback, and it’s a great addition to your workwear wardrobe. Perfect golf lovers, trainers, gym managers, and more, a custom athletic skort gives you the versatile style of a skirt paired with the comfort and coverage of athletic shorts. Easily dressed up or down, a branded everyday skirt will help add variety to your business casual wardrobe!

  • Our Favorite: Cutter & Buck Women's DryTec Pacific Pull-On Skort
  • Available in all of the basic neutral colors you need, the branded cutter & Buck DryTec Pacific Pull-On Skort can be styled with lots of different business casual outfits! Wear with a comfy custom tee or throw on your favorite branded button-up shirt. These Cutter & Buck DryTec Skirts are sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear, and their zippered pockets make them perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. We’ll embroider your company’s logo so these skirts are ready to go to work with you!

    Custom Cutter & Buck Women's DryTec Pacific Pull-On Skort

    Custom Fitted Pants for Women

    Fitted pant makes more of a difference in your outfit than you might think. Even when the top you’re wearing is the focus of an outfit, tapered pants can be used to compliment it. Your business casual slacks don’t need to feel baggy or unflattering! We love versatile pants that you can dress up or down, making them perfect for your basic business casual capsule wardrobe.

  • Our Favorite: Custom Levelwear Women's Black Verve Margot Pants
  • The custom Levelwear Women's Black Verve Margot Pants can be dressed up with heels or dressed down with sneakers, which is why we love them! These custom work pants are 20% spandex and 80% nylon, so they’re stretchy and comfortable no matter what your day throws at you. The cropped, tapered ankle makes them a flattering fit that you’ll always be glad to have in your wardrobe. We’ll add your company’s logo to the right thigh of these custom Levelwear Women’s Verve Margot Pants, and they’ll make a perfect company gift that your team can add to their basic business casual capsule wardrobe!

    Custom Levelwear Women's Black Verve Margot Pants

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