Merchology + Disability:IN Conference 2022

Merchology is now certified as a Disability-Owned Business Enterprise for your vendor needs

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Merchology is redefining quality and ease of ordering in the corporate apparel and gifts space. Over our last 8 years in business, we have provided co-branded merchandise to more than 60,000 companies worldwide, including 86% of the current Fortune 500.

We are proud to offer the most expansive assortment of premium brands and merchandise in the industry, and we do your logo embellishment in-house with Merchology employees and machines. Combine our in-house experts, Merchologists with beloved brands such as Patagonia, Nike, YETI, Apple, and more; multiplied by our in-house logo decoration and award-winning facilities - and you've found the ultimate solution to your business merch and corporate gifting needs!

Merchology is Officially DOBE-Certified

Merchology is incredibly proud to announce that it has officially been certified as a disability-owned business enterprise through Disability:IN’s Supplier Diversity Program. Having been approved by the National Certification Committee, Merchology is a DOBE-certified supplier in the United States. We're proud to join over 400 corporations in this honor and hope to continue expanding opportunities for people with disabilities across industries.

Merchology's DOBE certification comes from two of its owner/operators, Dick Ward and his daughter Ally Ward Delgado. This father-daughter duo both have over 50% hearing loss that is classified as "severe" and hereditary.

Dick's loss is concentrated in lower frequency sounds (thunder, a tuba), while Ally's loss is concentrated in higher frequency sounds (birds chirping, whispering). Both struggle more with sound clarity than volume. Fortunately, hearing aid technology has drastically improved their ability to hear and communicate. These days, their hearing aids even have Bluetooth capabilities!