Top 10 Luxury Hotel Welcome Basket Gifts

10 Popular Luxury Hotel Welcome Basket Ideas

If you're looking to improve your guest experience, elevate your hotel's reputation, and generate some great reviews then giving out welcome gift baskets personalized with your hotel logo is a great idea. Many hotels offer traditional gifts like snacks and coffee, which are still great ideas, but let's dig into our complete list of the top 10 luxury hotel welcome basket gifts

1. Healthy Snacks and Treats

Providing your guests with snacks and treats upon entry into their hotel room is a classic move, but you can take it a step further by customizing your snack boxes and tins with your custom printed or engraved logo. Your hungry guests will be excited to see this inclusion in their welcome gift baskets rather than having to leave the hotel to get a snack or pay a premium at the mini fridge. Check out our expansive custom logo food and beverage collection including cookies, chips, candy, pretzels, popcorn, wine, cocktails, coffee, tea, and more.

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2. Custom Bath Salts and Essential Oils

This is one of our favorite hotel welcome basket ideas if your hotel has a tub in each room like most hotels do. There's no better way to clean up, relax, and unwind after a business trip or long day of travel than with a calming bath. We have a great selection of custom bath salt tins, essentials oils, and bath bombs that are guaranteed to soothe your guests and make them feel right at home in your hotel.

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3. Custom Hand Sanitizer and Hand Soap

Hotels bring in tons of people that have just traveled around the country or around the world to stay at your hotel. That means that they likely traveled through airports or public transportation to get to you, both of which can be breading grounds for viruses and disease. Providing plenty of custom hand soap and personalized hand sanitizer is a phenomenal way to keep your guests and your staff safe and healthy.

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4. Tea and Coffee

In many cases, when you're traveling for business you need to get straight to work after you check in to your hotel. We all know how tiring traveling can be, so the caffeine boost provided by a piping hot cup of coffee or tea is often exactly what you need to get moving for the work day. If your hotel provided coffee makers, tea kettles, or even microwaves in rooms then giving custom coffee beans and tea leaves with your hotel logo is a perfect hotel welcome gift basket idea.

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5. Custom Beach Supplies

If your hotel is near a beach, lake, or water park then this is inclusion in your gift set is an absolute hit. Packing beach supplies like sunscreen, beach towels, and coolers in your suitcase is tricky so your guests will love that you've provided all the essentials they need for fun in the sun. You can even add your hotel logo on each and every item you include.

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6. Custom Personal Care Kits

Have you ever shown up to your hotel room and realized you forgot something that you absolutely need for personal grooming? Most hotels provide shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and lotion... but what if you're missing a toothbrush, comb, nail clipper, or something like that? Those problems are solved when you include a custom personal grooming kit in your hotel guest welcome gift baskets. Plus, these personalized care kits are great for grooming on the go as well!

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7. Custom Logo Wine Bottles

A bottle of wine is one of the most popular gifts for any occasion, not just for hotel gift sets. Whether you're going over to a friends house for a dinner party or celebrating an engagement, wine always does the job. In fact, the only way to make this gift better for hotel gift baskets is to add your custom etched or printed hotel logo right on the bottle.

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8. Custom Cocktail Kits

What's the first thing you want to do once you finally are done traveling, check in, and make it to your hotel room? Many people would say unwind with their favorite cocktail. Providing your guests with a custom cocktail kit is a surefire way to start off their stay with you on the right foot and it might even get you some great reviews, which make all the difference in the world.

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9. Custom Lip Balm

The air on flights is notoriously dry, causing your lips to get chapped and even crack. That's what makes custom lip balm and chapstick with your hotel logo an excellent welcome gift basket choice for your guests. These become even better hotel guest gifts if your hotel or motel is in an arid climate or it's summertime. 

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10. Custom Eye Masks and Blindfolds

Here's a custom logo hotel gift basket idea that serves two purposes for your guests... they can wear these custom eye masks to block out the sun that sneaks through the curtains in their hotel room to get a restful night's sleep AND they can use them on the plane to take a nice nap during their flight. While they're doing that you get free brand exposure too!

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