Why Choose High-Quality Brands for Merch?

Why Choose High-Quality Brands for Merch?

Why is High-Quality Merch Important for Businesses?

With fall and the winter holiday season beginning to loom on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday gift shopping – and not just for friends and family! As a business leader, it’s just as important to put some thought into your corporate gift giving for your employees and customers as well. And as important as it is to find the right gifts, it’s just as important to give some thought to the quality of the gifts as well.

All too often, company giveaways end up being for low-quality, poorly made pieces of swag that either get thrown out immediately, or end up as clutter that never gets used. Why not give corporate gifts that people will treasure and use for years to come instead? Merchology offers a huge variety of premium branded merch, and in this article, we’re going to lay out why it’s a smart move to invest in high quality gifts for your employees and customers.

High-Quality Custom Merch Builds Stronger Business Alignment

As you’re likely already aware, people form emotional associations with businesses based on their interactions with those businesses: if they have a good interaction with your company, they’ll associate the emotional memory of that experience with your company going forward. This goes for corporate gifts as well!

Gifting your staff and clients with high-quality custom apparel and accessories will make them associate your brand with quality and putting your logo on a high-quality product will remind them of your company every time they use that product, refreshing that positive association over and over. It also tells them about your values: giving people high-quality corporate gifts tells them that you prioritize quality and craftsmanship, you’re willing to spend money for better results, that you’re generous and that you care about making your staff and clients happy.

Name-Brand Corporate Gifts are a Smart Investment

And speaking of spending money: while it might seem like you’re spending more, you’re actually saving money in the long run by spending a little more on high-quality logo-branded premium merch. High-quality clothing and swag will last longer than cheaper, flimsier products that break or wear out in the blink of an eye, meaning you can go longer without needing to buy new waves of merch for your team. Why buy your team new gear every year when you can spend a little more and buy them gear you only have to replace every two or three years?

Another often overlooked benefit of higher-quality swag is product warranties. Many high-end brands carried by Merchology offer comprehensive warranties to ensure that their products are able to be used for their entire lifespans, unlike cheap mass-produced items that their manufacturers know won’t last long. With brands like corporate YETI, custom The North Face, or branded Under Armour to choose from, you can buy knowing that their products will be backed by the manufacturers and your investment in your team won’t be wasted on flimsy junk.

Logo-Branded Ember Mugs

Quality Merch is Better for the Planet

Perhaps the most important benefit of investing in high-quality goods is the reduced environmental impact this produces. At Merchology, we believe that it is our responsibility to pursue sustainability wherever we can, and one of the ways we do that is by selling higher quality clothing and accessories.

By selling goods that will be used again and again for years instead of cheaper, more disposable items, we reduce the amount of material that people buy – and we also reduce the volume of material that gets thrown away and added to landfills. As well as reducing the amount of waste created, we also strive to take waste out of the environment as well, by using 100% recycled and recyclable shipping materials. In addition to this many of our most popular brands, such as Zusa and RuMe, offer clothing and accessories made with materials derived in part from recycled plastic bottles as well!

Hot Brands that are In Demand for Corporate Gifting

We’re proud to offer some of the most popular corporate apparel brands on the market at Merchology, so you can give your team the gifts they really want. Not sure where to start? These brands are some of our favorites.

  • Check out corporate Patagonia for stylish and comfortable clothing, outerwear and backpacks made with environmentally friendly materials and an Earth-first perspective that your team will love.
  •  For your athletic employees and clients who are always on the go, custom Under Armour clothing is famously built tough and made to last.
  • For custom apparel made with sustainable materials by a certified Carbon Neutral company, Zusa produces a wide range of clothing, backpacks and drinkware using fibers derived from recycled plastic waste.

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