Case Study: General Mills + Holderness & Bourne

General Mills Finds New Brands for Employee Apparel

At Merchology, we specialize in brands. It’s our mission to connect your company with the brands that reflect who you are at your core. Each company is unique because people are unique—no two teams are the same. That’s why we offer more than 300 distinctive, high-quality brands with a wide variety of styles, aesthetics, specialties, and products to customize! 

Along with the trusted names we’ve partnered with since the beginning, we’re continuously adding exciting brands to our catalog! We love offering new, fresh products to connect with our customers’ preferences and requirements. Not only does each customer have different needs, but those needs are constantly changing. At Merchology, we strive to grow alongside our customers, which is where Holderness & Bourne and General Mills come in! 

The General Mills Team’s Unique Custom Apparel

We deeply appreciate our friends at General Mills, another Minnesota-based business! We enjoy collaborating with the GM team to create premium merch that suits their brand. In 2024, General Mills wanted to find fitting apparel for its sub-brand, Nature Valley

Their team needed custom apparel for 2024 golf events, including their booth at the Pebble Beach tournament, and their rep loves working with smaller, less mainstream brands. While big brands are popular for a reason, our Nature Valley rep wanted company event apparel that no one else had. They needed fresh, on-trend, and exclusive products.

Meanwhile, we were in the process of welcoming new brand Holderness & Bourne! H&B is a high-end men’s apparel brand that specializes in exclusive yet understated apparel. With Holderness & Bourne, you don’t have to shout from the rooftops to catch your audience’s eye.

With the Nature Valley team’s needs in mind, our sales team quickly made the connection and presented their rep with corporate Holderness & Bourne apparel—it was a perfect match! Their team loved the brand’s style and excellent performance. Our fabulous Merchandising team worked at record speed to make the Holderness & Bourne catalog available for Nature Valley to shop! With quick thinking and great teamwork, Merchology showed how we’re passionate about winning as a team so we can serve our customers with care.

Custom Holderness & Bourne Golf

Just because golf is a deeply traditional sport doesn’t mean your team’s golf apparel has to be! With Holderness & Bourne, you can break the mold. The brand’s custom golf polosvests, and pullovers are constructed from durable material that looks and feels elegant. What we love about custom Holderness & Bourne golf is that these performance polos don’t look like performance polos, but they wick sweat, protect from the sun, and keep you comfortable all day long!

If you’re looking to make a statement at your next corporate golf event, shop branded Holderness & Bourne golf apparel to set your team apart!

Custom Holderness & Bourne Golf Polos and Hoodies

Logo-branded Holderness & Bourne polos create interest with finely detailed patterns and soft, full colors. The Nature Valley team selected custom polos in beautiful blue and green tones that will perfectly reflect the marine atmosphere of Pebble Beach, CA! The quilted Holderness & Bourne Custom The Wallace Sweater happily complements the textures and colors of the team’s polos. They’re all set for an impactful golf season!

Custom Holderness & Bourne Polos Logo-Branded Holderness & Bourne Golf Polos Corporate Holderness & Bourne Polo Shirts

Corporate Apparel That Sets Your Brand Apart

Within our far-reaching selection of brands to shop, we offer a wide variety of alternatives to the large, household names. If you’re looking to shop brands you don’t see every day, we have a few suggestions for you to check out!

  • Waggle: Catch their attention with distinctive patterns and styles for branded golf polos and apparel! 
  • Addison Bay: Branded Addison Bay women’s apparel perfectly combines preppy style with trending athleisure.
  • Feat: Shop Logo-Embroidered Feat Loungewear for some of the softest branded apparel on the market!
  • Knack: Customized Knack Backpacks and Bags are in a league of their own, offering a level of organization, durability, and convenience that few have repeated!

Tonal Logo Embroidery

We take your unique products a step further by reflecting your brand through logo decoration! For a subtle but clearly visible option, check out tonal logo decoration! This method matches the color of the logo to the color of the product so that texture is what makes it stand out! Tonal logo decoration elevates your custom gifts and apparel effortlessly.

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