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MerchSolutions for ordering branded apparel at Merchology

You may only know us for our awesome selection of products and expert logo decoration, but the truth is, we offer so much more. We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to you and your company and are always inventing ways to make your experience even better. Ordering custom merch should be exciting and fun, and our innovative spirit allows us to develop the tools needed to make that happen. From bundling and kitting your corporate gifts with our MerchBox services to taking the hassle out of custom group orders with our Group Order Tool, we have our processes down to a science. Look through all the branded Merch Solutions we offer and see how you can bring your company merch and corporate gifts to the next level!



The MerchBox MerchSolution

Perfect for: Holiday celebrations, employee events, new hire gifting and more.

MerchBox combines the three most important parts of custom gifts: amazing products, stellar logo decoration, and a delightful presentation that brings it all together! The final touch to the MerchBox branded merch process is direct shipping to your recipients. That’s right, you don’t have to lift a finger! Check out our pre-designed MerchBox custom merch examples, or bring us your creative vision and budget and we can customize a new MerchBox to your liking. Custom MerchBoxes are here to combine all of your favorite products to create the ultimate token of appreciation for your team, clients, or customers.


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Group Order Tool

The Group Order Tool MerchSolution

Perfect for: Team events, employee uniforms, corporate gifting and more.

Ordering custom merch for your company has never been easier. With our new Group Order Tool, you will receive a unique URL for your recipients to place their individual orders. Collecting all of those sizes and shipping addresses? Forget it! This branded merch Group Order tool offers many customizable features, including a verification code for protection, product and bundle options, and designated order timeframes. Ordering branded merch for your team should be fun and easy, and this tool will have you excited about ordering for your large group!


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The MerchStore MerchSolution

Perfect for: Anytime company swag, employee incentives, holiday gifts and more.

Formerly known as our Company Store, the MerchStore feature allows you to build a completely customized site for you and your team. You select the products to be available in your company's MerchStore, then invite your team to shop branded gear in your store. With our custom MerchStore service and as the designated admin, you can be as hands on or hands off as you'd like. Your team members can shop your store at their discretion, according to the guidelines you create. Customizable promotional item options include decoration options, payment options and more!


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Buy Now, Ship Later

Buy Now, Ship Later MerchSolution

Perfect for: New hires, company milestones, employee anniversaries and more.

Stay on top of all of your merch needs with our new Buy Now, Ship Later solution. This service allows you to purchase and customize your merch in bulk, safely store it at our facility, and release your products upon request. This solution is ideal for securing inventory while it's available, so you no longer have to worry about the merch you want being in stock at a later date. 


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