Combine the best custom Patagonia apparel with other custom logo branded pieces for the perfect corporate gift to make every member of your team feel appreciated. Cozy custom Patagonia fleece jackets and hats are ideal for keeping coworkers, clients, and customers warm on chilly winter days while the unique custom Patagonia vests and sweaters deliver a look and style they'll love to showcase. Custom Merchology boxes can ship directly to your teams' doors for a holiday employee present everyone will love to wear out!

Combine thoughtful custom items such as logo branded mugs, a custom stationery set, a luxurious blanket with a custom Patagonia fleece, jacket, vest, or quarter-zip, and more for a one-of-a-kind corporate gift set. Custom designed to stand the test of time and stand out beyond being logo branded, Patagonia clothing and gear with removable logo decorations are specially made to suit your business' needs from quick winter commutes to full days working outside. Custom Patagonia orders are a wonderful way to create Patagonia corporate apparel with sustainable decoration methods for all the employees in your company in one simple move.

More than just a logo, custom Patagonia apparel shows your business’s commitment to nature and sustainability. For several years, Merchology has joined Patagonia in the 1% For The Planet program which contributes money to environmental causes all around the world. When your company buys corporate Patagonia apparel with sustainable decoration from Merchology, we will donate 1% of the profit earned back to the Earth. On top of that, Patagonia will donate 1% of its revenue on the custom Patagonia order as well!

Comfortable and purpose-built, custom Patagonia clothing for men and women is a great way to customize your corporate look without losing your overall style and attitude. Corporate Patagonia sales are great for not just your business, department, team, or event; but the world as a whole. Check out Merchology to start your Patagonia group order for custom Patagonia gear today!

Patagonia now allows logo decoration! Get custom Patagonia embroidery at Merchology. Shop our full collection of apparel and gear for Patagonia custom embroidery. This long-lasting decoration is the perfect addition to this long-lasting Patagonia gear. With custom Patagonia embroidery, your team will be geared up for many seasons to come! Custom Patagonia jackets, branded Patagonia vests, and many more styles make great customer appreciation gifts as well.

Along with the sustainable and removable logo decoration methods used with custom Patagonia vests, sweaters, and more; Merchology can help you brand the rest of your corporate gift! With Merchology's custom packaging and gift box options showcasing your company logo and name, employees and clients will know just who to thank for their favorite items.

Have questions? Feel free to call or send an email! We're here to help you find the perfect custom gift for your company and find custom Patagonia gifts that fit your team!