Create your own custom storefront and shop your merch anytime with our new MerchStore tool.

With our new MerchStore tool, you can create a custom site for employees, customers and superfans to shop a pre-selected assortment of branded gear. The MerchStore offers multiple features and processing options in order to create the ideal shopping experience for your company. 

The MerchStore is our brand new and revamped company store feature. If you have used our company store feature in the past, you will be excited to check out the many new features and capabilities of this new tool. The best part? You can get started right now and bring your store to life!


  • Allow your store to stay open with a routine order processing timeline, or create a “Pop-Up Shop” for special occasions, events, and more with a designated closing date
  • Pay for your whole group or have each individual pay their own way
  • Shareable URL can be distributed to invite recipients to shop
  • MerchStore admin view with product information and order history
  • Refresh your store's product assortment as needed
  • Custom logo decoration applied to product images
  • Password protection available


Ready to start building your custom MerchStore? Let's get started! Create a Merchology Account, then Create Your MerchStore with your Merchology login.




Are there limits to what products I can add to my company's MerchStore?

Our core styles are available for you to add to your MerchStore. You can browse our MerchStore collection to check out the 450+ products available from top brands such as Under Armour, Nike, The North Face, and more for your unique company store.

If you have a product you are interested in adding to your MerchStore that is not available in the current selection, please reach out to us to see if we can accommodate your request.

Do all MerchStore purchases get shipped to one location, or can they be drop shipped to individual addresses?

Orders can be shipped in one shipment to a single location, or we can drop ship to each recipient's address. The Store Admin will identify the shipping method at the time of store setup.

  • One Shipment to a Single Location: All product ships to one destination. Shipping charges are based off this location, and will be covered by either the Store Admin or the individuals (decided upon by the Store Admin). Lead time is based off of product and decoration method, beginning when the combined order closes.
  • Drop Shipped to Multiple Individual Addresses: Product shipped to the address of each recipient. The cost associated with drop shipping domestically within the continental US is $17.99, and will be covered by either the Store Admin or the individuals (decided upon by the Store Admin). Any items shipping outside the US will incur higher rates, and duties and taxes are not included. Lead time is 4-7 weeks, beginning when the combined order closes.

How many logos can be uploaded to my company's MerchStore?

You may upload up to three logo variations to your MerchStore. Please see the "Artwork" section on our Merchology FAQ to learn more about logo guidelines and additional artwork information.

Do you ship MerchStore orders internationally?

Yes! However, duties and taxes apply but are not included in pricing. The customer will be charged when their order arrives at customs, and will be contacted by the carrier to complete the international shipping process.

If my MerchStore has a closing date, do I need to remind my recipients of order deadlines?

We will send store members reminders for order deadlines, but all other communication will be filtered through the Store Admin. This includes shipping updates, inventory updates, and more.

Can the MerchStore be available to anyone, or just a select group of recipients?

This is up to you! You can have your MerchStore password protected, or you can give access to anyone with the URL you will receive.

What happens if the items I would like to add to my MerchStore are out of stock?

Only products with adequate inventory levels at the time of selection will be available to add to your MerchStore. If you have an item that you would like to add to your MerchStore, but it is currently out of stock, you can sign up for inventory alerts on the product page.

What happens if the item I ordered in my MerchStore becomes unavailable after it was added to my MerchStore?

The Store Admin will be notified of any stock issues.

Are minimum quantities required for MerchStore products?

All eligible MerchStore products can be purchased at any quantity. If you would like to request a product to be added to your MerchStore, this must be approved by our team. These additional products may require the mandated minimums.

What is the difference between Individual Pay and Admin Pay?

  • Individual Pay requires the recipients to purchase the product and cover shipping costs. 
  • Admin Pay requires the Store Admin to pay for the combined order and cover shipping costs.

Please note this setting can not be changed once set, which is at the time of MerchStore creation.

How are MerchStore orders processed?

All individual order submissions will process under a combined order. Lead times do not start until the combined order has been closed, as in the MerchStore itself has reached its closing date. Store Admins will be notified when the order has closed, and they will be required to submit the completed order. Orders will not process until the Store Admin has completed this action.

How long will it take to get my order?

The lead times for your MerchStore will be dependent on whether it's shipping to one location or multiple locations.

  • Shipping to one location: The combined order will ship in bulk and will be based off standard lead times which will depend on the product, decoration method, and the shipping method for transit to your delivery address. Please keep in mind that this timeline starts after the combined order closes.
  • Shipping to multiple locations: All orders ship within 4-7 weeks after the combined order closes.



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