Case Study: Mondelēz Orders Corporate Logo Employee Uniforms

Mondelēz International Gets New Corporate Uniforms

In 2023, employee satisfaction and wellness are more important than ever. Every piece of their work-life matters, from their daily responsibilities to the company’s time-off policy. Company uniforms may seem like a very small piece of the puzzle, but what your team members wear every day makes a difference in their outlook. That’s why Mondelēz International chose some of the best custom workwear brands for their employees!

About Mondelēz International

Mondelēz International is one of the largest snacking companies in the world, owning brands like OREO, Ritz, Cadbury, Chips Ahoy, Toblerone, and more! Mondelēz International employs over 91,000 people both locally and globally. Their tagline? “Snacking Made Right.” The Mondelēz mission is to provide quality snacks that consumers can enjoy and feel good about. They chose to partner with Merchology for custom employee uniforms, and we’re excited to see how their new workwear makes a difference.

Why are Good Company Uniforms Important?

Quality company uniforms can make a world of difference for your employees. Here are a few reasons an employee workwear update could be a positive change for your team:

  • Quality Workwear Improves Employee Satisfaction: When your team members feel comfortable in the apparel they wear every day, their self-esteem and confidence are naturally improved. Flattering fits and comfortable materials are crucial.
  • Uniforms Help Employees Feel a Part of the Team: Good company uniforms help build a sense of camaraderie, and when employees feel they’re a part of something larger, it creates a sense of purpose at work. 
    • Clean, Uniform Workwear Improves Their Sense of Professionalism: Wearing a put-together uniform helps employees feel more prepared to step into a professional setting while feeling confident in their skills.
    • Workwear Separates Work from Life: Changing into workwear signals that it’s time for the work day to begin and changing after work helps employees feel like the work day is truly finished. Even remote workers benefit from having workwear or uniforms separate from their everyday clothing.

    The Mondelēz International team wanted quality everyday custom polos for their team’s simple but professional uniforms. For an easy employee uniform refresh experience, Mondelēz used the Group Order Tool!

    Mondelez International Employee Uniforms

    Group Order Tool for Employee Uniforms

    The Group Order Tool is an online corporate gifting platform that allows your gift recipients to select and order their own apparel, gifts, and merch. You select products and put together product bundles for them to choose from, and all they have to do is follow a generated recipient link to select their merch! 

    The Group Order Tool was a great option for the Mondelēz International team because they needed different color uniforms for different offshoots of their company! The Group Order Tool allows you to create different packages for employees to select (containing up to three products). Their team members simply had to follow a link, select the correct uniform for their specific team, choose their sizing, and input the address where they’d like their uniform shipped! 

    With the Group Order Tool, you don’t have to collect everyone’s sizing, gender cut, package preference, or address, and it’s quick and easy for your team members to do it themselves. Additionally, you can opt for your team members to receive multiple email reminders to submit their orders, so you don’t have to follow up and give reminders yourself!


    How to Order Different Uniforms for Multiple Teams

    It can be challenging enough to custom workwear for a large group with many different addresses and size preferences, but ordering for multiple large teams with different uniforms is even more complicated. The Group Order Tool takes the stress of gathering information off your plate. The GOT is great for situations like the Mondelēz team’s different company uniform needs.

    This online company apparel ordering platform is also great for offering different workwear options for managers or leadership. Since Mondelēz International was shopping uniforms for frontline retail workers, they opted for different manager uniforms to ease confusion for customers and clients. The Group Order Tool allows you to create different uniform packages for your team, so you don't have to worry about creating entire separate orders for managers. They can just select the package that has the pieces they need.

    If your leadership teams attend lots of speaking engagements or corporate events that require a specific dress code, the Group Order Tool is a great solution. It helps you avoid over-ordering apparel that’s only used by smaller groups, but you can still order all your products at once! With the GOT, you can order different color shirts for different company rec leagues, or different apparel for in-office employees and employees who typically work outdoors. The possible solutions for your team are endless!

    Custom Nike Polos and Branded Brooks Brothers Button-Ups

    Mondelēz shopped two of our favorite brands for custom workwear: Nike and Brooks Brothers! They chose high-quality employee uniforms that will build their team’s confidence and make them feel comfortable all day long. Each Mondelēz subdivision received a different color polo decorated with their company’s logo. Managers also got custom button-ups.

    The company logo Nike Dri-FIT Micro Pique 2.0 Polo feels athletic but professional. Its Dri-FIT material is sweat-wicking and stays dry all day long, perfect for frontline retail workers who spend lots of time on their feet. This custom polo has a flat knit collar and a three-button placket for a flattering fit. Mondelēz International got this logo-embroidered Nike polo shirt in Court Purple, Cool Grey, and Black for their individual companies. Mondelēz also ordered the women's cut of this branded polo.


    Custom Nike Polos for Employee Uniforms Custom Grey Nike Polos for Employee Uniforms Custom Black Nike Polos for Employee Uniforms

    The custom Brooks Brothers Wrinkle-Free Stretch Pinpoint Shirt is a low-maintenance dress shirt that suits both everyday workwear and corporate event engagements. It has a flattering fit that never feels boxy, and the material is amazingly soft. This branded Brooks Brothers dress shirt comes in a men’s and a women’s cut, and the light blue shade of this button-up makes it a great neutral workwear piece for your team’s wardrobe.

    Custom Brooks Brothers Button Ups for Employee Uniforms

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