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Brooks Brothers Women's Polos

If you find yourself asking “why is it so hard to find great Women’s polos?” then you’ve come to the right place. Brooks Brothers Women’s Polos, available in the same vivid, bright colors as those in the men’s section, are the resounding answer to your sartorial quandary. Not only do these polos pull off the subtle-but-essential comfortable fit of a great polo, but they do it with the sly curvature that flatters all the while. These Pique Polos are not only versatile enough to make you look well-dressed in any situation, but they’re constituted with the strong, durable fabric required to pull off the same polo for years to come. As usual, Brooks Brothers doesn’t skimp on subtle details, including the tasteful split at the waist and the subtle gold of the Brooks Brothers label. It’s important to have the label there so you’ll have an answer to the inevitable question: “where did you find that polo?”