Logo-branded Healthcare Gifts Guide

Supporting the Mental Health of Healthcare Workers

During the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers were at the frontlines of the epidemic and at the forefront of our minds. Doctors, nurses, CNAs, technicians, and all other healthcare workers were working overtime in tense conditions, battling a rapidly-spreading virus, caring for extremely ill patients, and turning away patients’ loved ones because of visitor limitations. As patients flooded in, hospitals and clinics found themselves understaffed: workers were not only coming down with the virus, they were leaving their jobs due to the adverse conditions. The rest of us watched healthcare workers make sacrifices and choose bravery in a fearful time. 

Since we’ve never experienced a pandemic like this one before, the world is experiencing effects that we might not have predicted. Life is different now, and for all we know, it might be different in the long run. But while we adjust to this new version of normal, healthcare workers are dealing with heavy repercussions. According to Trusted Health, the overall mental health of nurses has decreased by 26% since before COVID hit. More than half of healthcare workers nationwide report experiencing symptoms of mental illness. The mental health of medical professionals has not rebounded like experts hoped it would. 

Medical professionals need our support years and appreciation how more than ever. Now more than ever, healthcare workers need to know we haven’t forgotten about them and that their bravery has inspired us. Their sacrifices still matter to us even though life can feel like it’s returning back to normal.

 At Merchology, we love our healthcare workers, and we want to help you show your appreciation to those who have generously given up their time, energy, and safety to protect and care for others. 

One of the simplest but most effective ways to show your appreciation is to give tangible reminders that you’re thinking of them. Whether you are a grateful community member who wants to give back to your local hospital or a hospital administrator shopping for employee holiday presents, we have a guide to quality custom gifts that are perfect for your trusted healthcare workers!

Special Note: Custom Patagonia Healthcare Apparel

As a brand, Patagonia is devoted to remaining sustainable and reducing waste, which we love. Because of this pledge to reduce waste, Patagonia is selective about which products they will allow being customized. But when it comes to healthcare apparel, Patagonia has no customization restrictions! The brand values healthcare workers deeply and knows its branded products will see good use. It’s a win for everyone!

Comfy Custom Jackets & Sweatshirts

For a comforting reminder of your appreciation that goes with them all day, custom jackets and sweatshirts make the perfect gift. The corporate Patagonia Micro D Fleece ¼-Zip is a soothingly soft polyester microfleece that offers both warmth and flexibility for free movement. The Zusa Men's Black Midtown Fleece Full Zip is a convenient way to quickly throw on a layer when you need it. Not to mention, it’s sustainably made! For a heavier jacket option, the corporate Patagonia Men's Better Sweater Jacket 2.0 will keep out the chilly hospital air. With your clinic or hospital’s logo, a custom jacket is a daily reminder that you care about your employees!


 Custom Zusa 3 Day Men's Black Midtown Fleece Full ZipCustom Patagonia Women's New Navy Micro D Fleece 1/4-ZipCustom Patagonia Men's Stonewash Better Sweater Jacket 2.0


Cozy Logo-Branded Blankets

It can seem like healthcare professionals are never really off the clock, so their time at home is important. For a cozy gift to help your favorite nurse, doctor, or EMT relax even when they’re on call, add your logo to a custom embroidered blanket. The embroidered Port Authority Navy Heather Cozy Blanket takes relaxation to a whole new level with a soft, thick fleece texture. The Zusa Plush Siesta Blanket has a luxurious plush texture they’ll want to sink into. For a more durable custom blanket option that can easily travel from home to work, the embroidered Champion Reverse Weave Stadium Blanket gives the comforting feeling of your favorite sweatshirt. A custom blanket makes a perfect appreciation or holiday gift with your company’s logo.

Custom Port Authority Navy Heather Cozy BlanketCustom Zusa 3 Day White with Navy Plush Siesta BlanketCustom Champion Ash Reverse Weave Stadium Blanket

Handy Custom Electronics

Gift custom electronics to the healthcare workers you appreciate to make their lives a little easier. The custom Apple Watch Series 5 will allow them to track healthy habits, check notifications at a glance, and most importantly, keep track of the time. The logo-printed Bose Soundlink Wireless Around-Ear Headphones II will help with focus during work hours and relaxation during downtime. To make sure dead batteries are never a problem, add your logo to the logo-printed mophie Black 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand


Convenient Logo-Branded Water Bottles

When you’re running around with countless tasks to take care of, hydration is one of the first things that slip your mind. Make sure your favorite healthcare workers are caring for themselves, too. With logo-branded water bottles at their sides, they won’t forget to take a sip. The laser-engraved YETI 26 oz. Chug Cap Bottle holds enough water to keep you from constantly refilling. To keep water ice-cold for 24 hours, the custom S'well Smokey Quartz Bottle 17 oz makes the perfect gift. The CamelBak Eddy + 25oz Bottle Tritan Renew has a convenient straw lid so you don’t even have to remove the cap. 

Custom YETI White 26 oz. Chug Cap BottleCustom S'well Smokey Quartz Bottle 17Custom CamelBak Charcoal Eddy + 25oz Bottle Tritan Renew

Thoughtful Custom MerchBoxes

For a ready-to-order, carefully curated custom gift box, shop MerchBoxes at Merchology! The Attitude of Gratitude MerchBox was designed with care, containing our favorite custom appreciation gifts. This MerchBox has a custom S’well 17 oz water bottle, the embroidered Hilana Upcycled Fethiye Throw Blanket, The Finding Gratitude book, Life is Beautiful Pop Open Cards, and a Himilayan Mood Salt Lamp! With their clinic’s or hospital’s logo, your favorite healthcare workers will have everything they need to unwind and be mindful at the end of a long day. We’ll even ship the Attitude of Gratitude MerchBox right to their doorsteps.


Attitude of Gratitude MerchBox
Want more ideas on custom gifts for your trusted healthcare workers? Contact us at Merchology! Our Merchologists are here to help select products and answer any questions you have about sizing, color options, shipping, logo decoration, and more!