MerchBox Feature: The Tail Wagger MerchBox

MerchBox Feature: The Tail Wagger MerchBox

Custom Pet Product Gift Boxes for Your Team

The role of pets in our lives has evolved in recent years, and our dogs and cats have increasingly become full members of our families. During COVID shut-downs, pet adoptions increased, and dog parents formed even closer bonds with their animals while working from home. In short, we love our pets, and we want the very best for them. Your company can boost your corporate giving by tailoring your gifts for pet owners! When you give pet lover gift baskets to your employees and clients, they will remember that your business values and loves dogs just as much as they do.

In this article, we’ll show you our Tail Wagger MerchBox, which is perfect for pet owners, and we’ll walk you through the logo branded gifts it includes. This is one corporate gift box that your employees will be happy to get their paws on!


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The Tail Wagger MerchBox from Merchology

Merchology specializes in putting your logo on great products that people will use and enjoy. With MerchBox, you can order curated boxes of logo-branded gifts, each centered on a specific theme. Our branded Tail Wagger MerchBox features five gifts (listed below) that are great for dog parents. It is also customizable to meet your needs and budget.


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Custom S'well Teakwood 16oz Dog Bowl

Just like you deserve a high-quality water bottle to drink from every day, your dog deserves a nice, clean bowl to stay hydrated. Popular water-bottle brand S’well applies their durable, double-walled construction to this custom 16 oz dog bowl. The non-slip bottom keeps the bowl still for even the most enthusiastic water-lapping, and it is BPA/BPS free. Since the bowl is dishwasher safe, you can easily keep it sparkling clean for your precious pup. 

Your logo is printed or laser engraved on the bowl’s attractive teakwood finish, making it the perfect product for a set of custom pet gifts.

Custom S'well Teakwood 16oz Dog Bowl

Branded Howligans White Ceramic Treat Jar 

Our corporate gift boxes for pet-lovers also include this white custom stoneware treat jar by Howligans, a pet brand that specializes in fun, light-hearted products. According to its cute design, this jar is perfect for “Hi-quality treats for exceptional behavior.” Those reward treats are kept fresh with the silicone gasket on the lid. The Howligans jar is sold as-is, without logo customization.

Custom Howligans White Ceramic Treat Jar "Hi-Quality"

Company Logo Howligans Grey Woofie Pet Photography Tool

If you’ve ever tried to take a selfie with your pup, then you know that dogs are notorious for looking anywhere but at your camera phone. This fun “Woofie” tool will help solve that problem, while also getting a good laugh from your recipients. 

Simply put your dog’s favorite treat in the clip and attach it to your phone to ensure perfect and focused eye contact with the camera! Like the Howligans jar, this product also comes without customization, but it’s a must-have addition to your pet lover gift baskets.


Custom Howligans Grey Woofie Pet Photography Tool

Logo-Branded Magnet Group Clear Mini Dog Bones in Pint Jar with Square Magnet

Of course, you’re also going to need some treats to put in your Howligans jar and to use in your Woofie! This custom pint jar of mini dog bones fits the bill, and each treat includes 12 vitamins and minerals while only having 5 calories. 

The jar includes a removable magnet, which includes your custom logo design. With these treat jars, your logo will have a long life on the fridge door, even after the treats are gone. That makes them excellent branded gifts for pet owners. Plus, they are also great giveaways at tradeshows and expos!

Custom Magnet Group Clear Mini Dog Bones in Pint Jar with Square Magnet

Corporate HIT Black Pooch Pal Fanny Pack

The final item in our Tail Wagger corporate gift box is this branded fanny pack, designed specifically for pet-lovers! The custom Pooch Pal Fanny Pack by HIT includes interior pockets to hold treats and disposable bags. 

Fanny packs are perfect for dog walks because they are hands-free. This bag takes hands-free a step further, by including a Swivel Trigger Snap Hook that you can attach your dog’s leash to—a necessary feature for anyone going for runs with their pup. The included carabiner clip can attach a small flashlight, another necessity for staying safe during evening walks.

Your logo is printed right on the front of the fanny pack, so your company will get exposure on every daily walk.

Branded HIT Black Pooch Pal Fanny Pack

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The Tail Wagger MerchBox is the perfect collection of corporate gifts for pet owners! And remember, our Merchologists can help you adjust any MerchBox to make it just right for your company. Contact us at Merchology today, and order a set of custom gifts that will have your employees’ pets barking for joy!