Top 10 Outdoor Events for Fall 2024

Well, here we are, it's already fall and COVID restrictions are still in place for indoor events and gatherings. That doesn't mean you have to abandon hope for your corporate events and company parties this fall though! Moving your events outdoors is a great way to keep your team safe and comply with regulations. Plus, it's a nice change of pace from the usual indoor events! Here are some amazing outdoor corporate event ideas for the fall.

Fall Events

1. Company Picnics

If you plan your outdoor corporate event early enough in the fall, or if you live in a warmer climate, then you'll be able to execute a classic team outing - the company picnic. There are a few ways to do this, all of which are great choices. You can hire catering, have a BBQ, or have a potluck. No matter what format you choose, you'll be outside enjoying tasty food with your coworkers and that's all that matters.

 Company Picnic

2. Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard Trip

Is there anything that says "Fall" more than a trip to your local pumpkin patch or apple orchard? You've got crisp autumn air, your favorite hoodie, and a delicious glass of apple cider in your hand... nothing better. Organizing a corporate event at an orchard or pumpkin patch can be relatively easy too, as most places are willing to work with your group to accommodate you.


3. Drive-In Movie or Concert

Movies and concerts are always a blast, but they're certainly not ideal for socializing with coworkers. However, if you move your movie or concert outside, then there's plenty of room for both viewing and socializing. All you need to do is find a good outdoor space and rent equipment or book a band.

Drive in Concert

4. Outdoor Volunteer Event

How about getting your team together outside for a good cause?! Most volunteer events are outside anyways and there's never been a better time to get out there and make a positive difference in your community. Here at Merchology, we volunteer at the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area every year to help restore the landscape to its original state. It's a great team-building activity and a pretty good workout too!

Volunteer Event

5. Outdoor Oktoberfest Party

Oktoberfest is such an underrated holiday. There's no pressure to cook fancy meals, buy expensive gifts, or travel long distances to see family. All you have to do to properly celebrate is kick back with your friends and enjoy some cold beers and hot pretzels. If you really want to get into it, break out the lederhosen and steins!


6. Group Nature Hike

Group hikes are a fantastic outdoor activity to take your coworkers on, especially if you have a smaller team. You'll have the opportunity to experience nature, get some exercise, catch up with your colleagues, and take some amazing pictures to commemorate it all. You can even hook up your team with some custom sweatshirts, jackets, or hats if it's going to be chilly!

Nature Walk

7. Corporate Golf Outing

Here's another outdoor corporate event that's perfect if you live in a warmer climate or plan it early in the fall. Deck out your staff in custom golf apparel featuring your company logo and hit the links for an epic day of golfing, eating, drinking, and socializing. Not sure how to plan a company golf event? Not to worry, we'll walk you through each step in our Company Golf Event Planning Guide!

Company Golf Event

8. Company Tailgate

It's not fall without football and there are few outdoor events that are more fun than a good old fashioned tailgate. You don't even need to tailgate at the stadium, you can just host a tailgate themed party and turn the game on the TV! Plus, we've got you covered on all the customized tailgate accessories you'll ever need to throw the ultimate football themed party.

Company Tailgate

9. Outdoor Halloween Party

Why not rent an outdoor space and throw an awesome company Halloween party? Nobody said you have to be indoors to dress up in costumes and have a great time with your coworkers! While you're at it, organize a costume contest to get everyone involved! 

Halloween Pumpkin

10. Outdoor Yoga

This is one of our personal favorites at Merchology! Reach out to a yoga studio in your area and see if one of their instructors is willing to teach a class outside. We do this right in the grassy areas outside of our office, it's the perfect way to break up the day.

Outdoor Yoga

Don't Forget the Merch!

With the temperatures dropping this fall, at any of these events, you can keep the ladies comfortable in this ultra soft and cozy sherpa jacket from OGIO. This is a team favorite at Merchology! It’s warm enough to be worn as a jacket, but also transitions well into the office and on Zoom. Pair the guys in an equally comfortable Luuma ½ Zip Fleece to help your team be coordinated without being TOO matchy-matchy. Embroidery works great on both of these items. You can also stay warm with a customized YETI mug or tumbler filled with your favorite hot beverage!

Start Planning Now!

Outdoor spaces are going to be a hot commodity this fall, so get your space reserved and start planning your outdoor event asap! If you want to keep the outdoor events going through the winter, check out our winter outdoor events guide from our event planning library.