Virtual & Outdoor Spring Corporate Event Ideas

Spring events are something every company looks forward to every year. Although things may look different this year, there are still plenty of ways to get together with your team and celebrate safely! From athletic events to food and drink based events, we're showing you the top ideas for a socially distanced or virtual spring event.

Top Virtual Spring Event Ideas

Read through these amazing spring company party ideas and get started planning your own! Come together to enjoy the fresh new sunshine coming your way with Merchology!

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1. Virtual or Outdoor Yoga Class

A yoga flow led by an instructor is a great option for both an outdoor event or a virtual event. You can start by sending you team a customized yoga mat or fitness towel, and then have them join you in the park, or in the comfort of their own home! There are so many types of yoga flows to choose from, such as a meditation style flow or a sculpt style where you are sure to break a sweat!



2. Virtual or Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

 A virtual scavenger hunt is a super easy way to completely customize your spring event. Start by compiling a list of fun, safe tasks that your team can complete. Then, break your office into teams. Have them use their own creativity to come up with team names and a theme! The tasks can include finding random objects around the house, drawing images, completing an activity or building something! If taking the socially distanced route, you can make the tasks individual and outdoor themed! This is a fun way to unite your employees to achieve goals in a unique way.



 3. Outdoor or Simulated Corporate Golf Outings

Although it may be untraditional, you can bring a golf themed event into your own home! Try a virtual putting competition, where your team can show off their skills by creating a "hole" in their own living room. You can send your team some custom golf balls to get them ready for the tournament! If you decide to take this event to the real course, you can safely distance your employees and have a great time.



4. Virtual Wine and Craft Beer Tasting

 A virtual wine and craft beer tasting is a great way to incorporate some local companies into your event. Start by sending your team an invite to the event, making sure they are able to receive the wine and beer you've selected, and creating a menu. You can incorporate small snacks and bites to compliment the beverages. Try reaching out to your local breweries and wineries to let them know that you'll be featuring their drinks at your event; they just might give you a discount for supporting their business! Elevate the event with custom barware and custom snacks!

Check out this article on how to create the perfect online wine tasting experience for your team! 



5. Outdoor Gardening Happy Hour

One of the best things about spring are the flowers and blooming gardens! Want to spruce up your office's landscaping? Try a gardening happy hour! Have your employees try out their green thumbs, and have fun doing it! Your team will love helping out with your office's curb appeal, and it's a great opportunity for team bonding. Another great option is to add your company logo to custom garden kits for employees' desks! Compliment your event with some refreshments and light snacks, and your team will have a blast. A custom hat is a great addition to this event!



6. Virtual or Outdoor Art Class

Tune into your artsy side with a virtual or socially distanced art class! This is a great way to do something totally different than your usual Zoom happy hour. Equip your team with a canvas, some brushes and a paint set, and they're set! Try connecting with a local artist to lead your team in creating their own masterpiece. Whether you let your team have total creative freedom, or everyone paints the same image, this is sure to be an enjoyable experience for everyone! 



7. Virtual or Patio Trivia Night

Trivia is a great team building opportunity, and can be done virtually or socially distanced! Utilize your cell phones to submit answers, both for a Zoom option and for an in-office event. Your team can converse through an online chat option, such as Slack, so no need to be close together! Compliment your trivia event with prizes, such as custom drinkware!


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