Why Companies Should Gift Employees

Learn more about why companies and businesses should be giving corporate gifts to their employees for a stronger team

Benefits of Businesses Gifting Their Employees

Remote work. The Great Resignation. Employee satisfaction. Work/Life balance. These phrases have become some of the most important topics of discussion among employers. Workplace expectations have evolved quickly and drastically in the last few years, and it is up to bosses to keep up with these labor trends if they want to retain employees who are talented, hardworking, and dedicated to their company’s mission.

Of course, there is no single answer to keeping all your employees happy. However, one piece of the puzzle, which has been proven effective time and time again, is gift giving. At Merchology, we specialize in customizing a wide variety of high-quality products that will actually enrich your employees’ lives. The best corporate gifts for employees are useful products like apparel, accessories, and household items from trusted brands they already know and love. Merchology works with top brands to add your corporate logo to fun and practical items ranging from custom logo Yeti tumblers to corporate Apple Watches. Why should you give gifts to employees? Because gifts are some of the best ways to engage, acquire, retain, and promote.


Your company logo engraved on a custom logo YETI tumbler makes a wonderful employee appreciation gift                  Keep your employees feeling happy and healthy with custom logo Apple Watches

Benefit 1: Engage Employees

According to Gallup, only 36% of employees in the United States are engaged in their workplace. While this statistic seems discouraging, employee recognition is one of the best tools for improving engagement. Among organizations with the highest employee engagement, 71% recognize employees for good performance.

Merchology can help your business set up a comprehensive recognition program that rewards your employees for their excellent work. Whether your team is in the office or working remotely in locations across the country, thoughtful and valuable gifts show your employees that their contributions to the company are appreciated. With your corporate logo prominently displayed on products that they enjoy every day, team members will feel connected to your company’s mission.

Of course, burnout and exhaustion are major enemies of employee engagement, and you can use your employee appreciation gifts to encourage work/life balance. Find out what your employees enjoy most and tailor your gifts to their interests, whether it’s through corporate golf accessories, custom camping gear, or logo-branded yoga mats. Well-chosen corporate gifts keep your team members energized and engaged, which not only keeps them happy, but helps your bottom line: businesses with high levels of team engagement have 21% higher profitability.


Add your company logo to custom golf balls for great corporate gifts for employees    With your business name and logo printed on the front, corporate camping lantern and tools are available        Encourage wellness and self care with custom logo yoga mats as corporate employee gifts

Benefit 2: Acquire New Employees

Record numbers of highly-skilled, talented workers are on the search for new career opportunities. While well-written job postings and clear compensation packages are important parts of the hiring process, your very best recruitment tools are happy employees. As many as 80% of jobs are filled through personal and professional connections. Your best employees know your company well, and they know which industry colleagues would be a good fit for your team.

When your employees are happy and engaged in their work, they will talk positively about the company and suggest job openings to others. If potential hires hear that your company gave their friend a fitness tracker for 10k training or a corporate care package for a new baby, that sends a message that your business has a positive work culture that values its team members.

Show employee appreciation for new moms returning to the office with corporate gift set boxes

Benefit 3: Retain Your Employees

According to PlanBeyond’s research on the Great Resignation, 42% of workers are considering leaving their current jobs, and a lack of appreciation/feeling undervalued is employees’ top-cited reason for quitting. High-quality custom gifts are an ideal way to show your appreciation to each employee. In fact, according to one survey, 81% of workers said they felt appreciated when their employers gave them gifts.

Merchology can help you with unique corporate gift ideas that will help employee retention by improving job satisfaction and the pride your team feels in working for a company that appreciates them. Especially for businesses that are transitioning back to in-office work, fun and high-quality custom corporate branded gift boxes can show your team members that their company values them and their contributions.

Learn more about why businesses should gift their employees to increase employee loyalty and overall happiness

Benefit 4: Promote Your Employees

Improving internal promotion rates is another reason why you should gift employees. The hiring and onboarding process costs companies significant amounts of time and money. In fact, each time a salaried employee is replaced, it costs the company between six and nine months of salary. When you promote from within, however, you retain that employee’s knowledge, loyalty, and experience.

But it’s not just up to your hiring team to promote from within; you must also have a corporate culture that makes employees want to move up instead of moving on. The best corporate gifts serve as incentives to pursue new internal roles with more responsibility. And of course, when your corporate gifts are customized with your company’s logo, they also serve to promote the business itself.

Do More with Merch Solutions

Whether you’re new to offering corporate gifts or you just want to expand your employee recognition program, Merchology offers a wide variety of gift ideas to improve your employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction. Check out a few of these new corporate gifting tools to find one that’s best for your business.

Company Custom MerchBoxes

MerchBoxes are curated, themed collections of logo-branded products that you can order quickly, without having to pore over Merchology’s thousands of product offerings. We suggest getting started with the classic corporate Welcome Aboard box–which includes a backpack, tumbler, notebook, and cap. Then you can move on to more specific and fun product collections, such as the Fireside Favorites MerchBox. These custom company gift boxes can be delivered directly to your company headquarters for distribution, or they can be shipped individually to your remote team members.

Shop Your Company's Own MerchStore

Let your employees choose which gifts suit their lifestyle by setting up a MerchStore! You simply choose a selection of Merchology products you’d like to offer, and we provide you with a custom online storefront that you can send your employees. By gifting through MerchStore, you show your employees that you value them as individuals who have their own needs. For instance, some employees feel most comfortable in a loose-fitting hooded sweatshirt, while others prefer a light, moisture-wicking shirt. MerchStore gives each team member the chance to choose for themselves.

Make Ordering Easy with the Merch Group Order Tool

If you’re looking to place a large gift order for everyone in your company, the Group Order Tool makes it easy! You choose the products or packages you want to offer, and we create a link that you can send out to collect the preferences of everyone on your team. No need to spend hours compiling spreadsheets of shirt sizes–we have you covered with a simple form. If you have remote team members, the Group Order Tool also verifies mailing addresses and handles all shipping notifications.

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