Did You Know Merchology is a Certified Disability Owned Business?

What is Disability Pride Month?

July is Disability Pride Month, and it’s truly a special time of year. Disability Pride Month celebrates governmental protections put in place to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities. For people who live without disabilities, this is a time of sharing stories and celebrating the fact that every single person is unique and valuable. For people living without disabilities, July is a time of listening and learning from the experiences of others. For all of us, it’s a time to connect with the people around us. 

Beginning in 1990, Disability Pride Month has been an opportunity to grow in our understanding of disabilities, which affect over 60 million people in the US. Disabilities exist in many different forms, including mobility, cognition, vision, and hearing disabilities. Every person living with their own or that of a loved one has a different experience. Everyone has a unique story, and Disability Pride Month is the time to recognize the struggles and triumphs of others!

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How to Celebrate Disability Pride Month

You want to show your team that you appreciate the hard work they do, and especially during July, we get to acknowledge the good work of those living with disabilities. Here are some ways to celebrate your team this July:

  • Host a lunch and learn event, inviting team members with disabilities to share their stories and answer questions.
  • Partner with a charity or organization that supports the disabled community.
  • Gather a team to visit an assisted-living home.
  • Brainstorm ways to make your office and working-from-home environments more accessible.
  • Support disability-owned businesses!

Disability Pride Month at Merchology

Did you know Merchology is a disability-owned business? We are proud to share that we have recently become DOBE-certified, meaning we are officially a disability-owned business enterprise!

Dick Ward and Ally Ward Delgado, our CEO and CMO respectively, both have over 50% hearing loss, which is classified as a severe hearing impairment. Both Dick and Ally struggle with sound clarity and have trouble picking up certain frequencies.

Merchology is committed to proudly showing what a DOBE-certified business can do. We are striving for a world where disability inclusion is second nature for every company. We know firsthand how disability affects a person’s everyday life, whether they let it show or not, and we want to honor those who go above and beyond to succeed in the workplace.

You can help make the world a more inclusive place, too! Browse this list of disability-owned companies to find more partnerships that will help strengthen our culture of care and inclusion!

Show Your Appreciation with Custom Employee Gifts!

Disability Pride Month is a great opportunity to show your employees how much they mean to your team. At Merchology, we want to help you celebrate your team members! We’ve curated a collection of thoughtful company gifts that will show your team how much you appreciate them!

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This custom gift box from Batch & Bodega has more than just delicious sweets and snacks—it also includes a journal with your company’s logo so your team can jot down important thoughts or start a journaling routine! This custom gift set also includes a notecard so you can tell your team members exactly what makes them so amazing!

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Old York Cellars Wine Spa Cab-Chard Gift Box

Nothing says luxury like a custom wine and spa gift box, and the Old York Cellars Wine Spa Cab-Chard Gift Box is the perfect way to show your team that they deserve some R&R. This custom gift set includes Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, a wine-glass soy candle scented with essential oils, and a wine-infused bar of soap for a relaxing wine and spa night!

Custom Old York Cellars Wine Spa Cab-Chard Gift Box

Looking for a simple outdoor corporate gift this July? Shop custom coolers, logo-branded lawn chairs, and custom embroidered blankets! Gift your team with logo-branded outdoor gear they can use all summer long at company softball games, team lake days, and corporate summer events!

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