Do Blue Light Glasses Actually Work?

New health and wellness trends are emerging all the time. This is a great thing because it means that today, we’re doing our best to stay healthy and safe. Still, with so many possibilities, it can sometimes be difficult to know which trends are helpful, and which ones aren’t. For example, do custom blue light eyeglasses actually work? 

Blue light glasses are designed to protect your eyes when using electronic screens, such as computers and tablets. They’re one of many popular wellness trends on the market, but are they actually effective - and do they really do anything? In this article, we’re breaking down the details of custom blue light reading glasses, so let’s jump right into it. 

Do Blue Light Glasses Protect Your Eyes?

Yes! Blue light glasses block a certain amount of blue light emitted from screens, just as advertised. The amount of protection depends on the color of the lenses; for example, clear blue light lenses block less blue light than yellow lenses. Still, all options provide some measure of protection. 

What Are the Benefits of Blue Light Glasses?

Custom blue light eyeglasses protect the eyes from the effects of blue light, especially prolonged exposure. Using screens for long periods, particularly daily, can cause multiple uncomfortable symptoms. However, blue light glasses can help to prevent dry eyes and eye strain. They can even help to improve your sleep since high levels of blue light have a detrimental effect on sleep.

Blue Light Glasses

Are Blue Light Glasses Good for Remote Workers?

So are blue light glasses good for remote workers? Absolutely! Remote workers can spend more time looking at screens than many on-site workers, especially since everything they do is digital. Blue light glasses can help improve their sleep patterns and prevent the eye strain that comes with staring at screens all day long. 

Custom Blue Light Glasses for Company Gifts

Corporate blue light eyeglasses are a great, versatile gift for corporate events, trade shows, and employee appreciation gifts. They’re useful for both employees and customers alike. And if you have a remote team, they’ll appreciate your extra care for their wellbeing! 

Here at Merchology, we offer a few options for logo-branded blue light glasses for employees: Custom Goldbond Black Blue Light Blocking Glasses and Branded SnugZ Clear Quinn Glasses. Add your custom logo for extra brand recognition. Each time your team members use their blue light glasses, they’ll think of your company!

Logo-Printed Goldbond Black Blue Light Blocking Glasses Logo Branded SnugZ Clear Quinn Glasses

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