How Does Custom Merch Pricing Work?

When ordering corporate gifts for an event, you want to spend your time picking out products that everyone will love, not trying to figure out company merch pricing details. We have lots of options at Merchology, and we know that can get confusing. Let’s clear up some of your biggest questions about how much corporate gifts cost!

How Does Merchology Pricing Work?

On a product page or during checkout, the cost that you see includes:

  • The cost of the item.
  • One logo setup (the first is free).
  • Customization on one location per item.


How much does customized merch cost?

Discounts are offered on bulk orders, and how much you’ll save is determined per product. The more you purchase at once, the more you save. You’ll also get free ground U.S. shipping for orders over $5,000.

To add customizations, select them from the Optional Extras dropdown before adding the item to your cart. We offer personalization like multiple logo setups and imprint locations on many of our products. You can see the cost for an add-on in the dropdown menu.

What is the Setup Fee?

Most of the products on our website have a pricing table on the left side of the page. If you don’t reach the minimum quantity when ordering, a $79 Setup Fee is added to the cart. This covers our costs of running a smaller order.

Waive the fee by ordering the minimum number of products required. If you don’t need that many of a single item, companion styles and related products count toward the minimum, and they’re usually listed in the product description.


Custom Logo Embroidery at Merchology

What if I Need Additional Logos?

It costs a flat fee of $49 to set up an additional logo. There’s also a charge of approximately $4 per piece that you’re adding the additional logo to. For example, if you want two logos on a shirt, and you’re ordering 12 shirts, you’ll pay the $49 setup fee plus $4 times 12 for a total of $97. The add-on is in the Optional Extras section of the product page.

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