Merch Madness 2024 Is On!

We’ve made it through the doldrums of winter to the most exciting time of year: March Madness! For the next couple of months, all we can talk about is basketball, brackets, and bets. At Merchology, we can’t get enough—so much so that we created our own high-stakes tournament: Merch Madness!

The concept is simple. Companies submit photos of their teams sporting their custom merch, and voters choose their favorites. Photo submissions go 1-v-1 with other submissions via our Instagram stories, and viewers decide which photos make it to the next round!

The best part? Not only do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receive prizes—all submissions do. By simply sending in your team’s merch photo, you get $50 off your next order!

How to Play

  1. Submit your photo of your team modeling their merch by emailing us at social@merchology.com. The deadline for submission is 3/28 @ midnight!
  1. Follow us to vote! Make sure your team members, coworkers, friends, family, and customers are following Merchology on Instagram (@merchology) so they don’t miss the voting window! The Merch Madness tournament consists of four rounds: one round of photos per day! To ensure your vote counts, vote on Instagram with the mobile app (voting can be difficult with the desktop version of Instagram).
  1. Check your email! No matter how far your team makes it, you’ll receive a discount code for $50 off your next order with Merchology! Every vote matters, though, because
  • 3rd place wins $75 off!
  • 2nd place wins $150 off!
  • 1st place wins $500 off!

Discount codes will be sent to the email address you used to submit your team’s photo.

Merch Madness 2023 Bracket

There’s Power in Numbers!

Creativity is encouraged, and it can help win over the audience, but the real power lies with your team! Recruit your team members to follow Merchology on Instagram (@merchology): the more followers you gather, the higher your chances chance of moving to the next round! Be sure to share your Merch Madness tournament updates with your team to get everyone involved! $500 off your next order means exciting new custom T-shirts, polos, jackets, drinkware, bags, or accessories for everyone!

Merch Madness 2023 Submission

2024 Merch Madness Contest Dates

The Merch Madness photo submission deadline is Friday, 3/28/2024 at midnight. Voting will take place the following Monday (4/1) through Thursday (4/4). Merch Madness is a single-elimination bracket. Discount codes will be sent to your inbox by EOD Friday, 4/5/2024.

Not sure what to submit? Check out a few of our previous Merch Madness champions!

Merch Madness 2022 Champions

Merch Madness 2024 Champions

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