What Are The Lululemon Bags Made Of?

Lululemon is a globally popular activewear and athleisure brand. It started as a yoga gear brand, but quickly grew into a fan-favorite. Over the past two years, lululemon has dominated the athleisure space

Some of lululemon’s most popular products are its custom tote bags. The lululemon Belt Bag is a fan favorite. In fact, custom lululemon bags make great logo-branded corporate gifts. 

Before you shop, you might be wondering: what are lululemon bags made of? It’s important to get a feel for how a gift is made before you purchase it. If you’re wondering what material corporate lululemon bag gifts are made from, keep reading.  

What Material Are lululemon Bags Made From?

Custom lululemon bags are made from water-repellent polyester. This fabric protects the contents of the bag from moisture, such as sweat from the gym or water at the pool. Branded lululemon crossbody bags are fantastic for beach or pool days, rainy days, or a quick trip to the gym. 

Get Custom lululemon for Your Team

Want to get custom lululemon bags for your team? Here at Merchology, we carry a selection of premium brands you can choose from, including lululemon. Merch from lululemon is great for company retreats, employee appreciation, company holiday gifts, and corporate event giveaways. 

Our customer, MicroStrategy, wanted great-quality customizable products for its employees. Because lululemon clothes are comfortable, versatile, and appropriate for a wide range of scenarios, MicroStrategy opted to provide their team with comfortable and stylish options, such as joggers and yoga pants. Read more in our MicroStrategy + lululemon case study.


Lululemon Custom Apparel

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If you want to provide your team with fantastic logo-branded gear from lululemon, including corporate lululemon bag gifts and custom lululemon crossbody bags, there are a few ways to make that happen. You can set up your own custom MerchStore where your team can select the branded products they’d like to order. Alternatively, you can order MerchBoxes or individual items to gift your team.

If you have more questions about custom lululemon products or logo decoration, our team is here to help! Contact us today to get started on your custom lululemon order. Our Merchologists are ready to take care of you.