What Does adidas Stand For?

For many people, an average day includes lacing up their running shoes for a morning jog and then throwing on their favorite athletic jacket for a casual evening out. Whether we’re wearing athletic apparel for workouts or for fashion, many of us feel loyalty to our favorite sportswear brands. Athleisure clothing has become hugely popular streetwear over the last decade, with celebrities and influencers sporting high-fashion looks from top sportswear brands. Beloved by both men and women, custom adidas apparel has become a top choice for companies wanting to make an impression with their corporate clothing and gifts.

Even though these brands are integrated into our daily lives, most people know very little about the history behind our most beloved athletic wear companies. Below we’ll talk about the history of adidas and the meaning behind its name. We’ll also share our top choices for logo-branded adidas gear to give as company gifts.

Is adidas Short for Something?

Adidas stands for the name of its founder: Adolf “Adi” Dassler. The company name combines the founder’s nickname with the first two letters of his last name.

The Dasslers were a German family who began manufacturing shoes after World War I. In fact, American sports hero Jesse Owens wore a pair of adidas in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Adi Dassler personally gifted the shoes to Owens, and the athlete’s success during the Games raised the profile of the adidas brand around the world. The company continued to grow, and adidas eventually became the second-largest sportswear brand in the world, as well as one of the most popular choices for custom apparel.


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What Does adidas NOT Stand For?

As you can see, the inspiration for the adidas name is simple. But with the extreme popularity of logo-branded adidas gear, it’s not surprising that urban legends have developed over the years.

Two particular theories for what “adidas” stands for have spread widely:

  • “All Day I Dream of Sports”
  • “All Day I Dream of Soccer”

While these acronyms seem fitting, they have no connection to the actual origin of the company’s name.

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Regardless of what people think “adidas” means, the beloved brand’s products are always excellent choices for corporate clothing. Their comfort, style, and durability make for excellent teamwear, and employees and clients will always appreciate company gifts made by adidas.


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