Custom Moleskine Notebooks, Journals, Pens & Accessories

Moleskine has a reputation for being one of the top providers of custom notebooks, and for good reason. There’s something otherworldly about opening up a custom Moleskine notebook with a good pencil or pen—it’s as if you’re meant to be sitting there, doodling, taking notes, creating a grocery list, etc. Maybe that sounds like lofty language, but those are the kinds of feelings evoked when you work on a canvas that’s meant to be creative, professional, and artful. Moleskine delivers all of that with high contrast, high-quality paper meant to keep the focus on your work. And with debossing and screenprinting available on many of these custom logo Moleskine items, you’ll find it hard to resist making each Moleskine a canvas in and of itself.

The logo setup fee is included in the price of each item.