Top 10 Outdoor Winter Corporate Events for 2024

Top 10 Outdoor Winter Corporate Events

Best Outdoor Winter Events for Your Company

You may be thinking that it's time to try something new when it comes to your company's winter events. One way to freshen up old traditions? Host your winter events outside! Outdoor winter events can be a breath of fresh air for your team—don't worry, cold weather won't ruin these events. Here are some great outdoor event ideas for winter! 


1. Host an Outdoor Company Holiday Party

The office Holiday or Christmas party is an event that the whole company looks forward to every single year. Hosting your holiday party outdoors makes for a safer environment during cold, flu, and COVID season, and it's a super fun way to switch things up. If you live in a warm area hosting an outdoor holiday party will be easy enough. If you live in a colder climate, consider hosting your holiday party in early November and be sure to rent a tent and heaters!

Outdoor Holiday Party

2. Take Your Team Ice Skating

There might not be a more classic outdoor activity in the wintertime than ice skating! If you live in an area where winter temperatures are typically below freezing, then you should be able to find an outdoor ice rink near you without too much trouble. Want to spice it up a bit? Consider incorporating some hockey or broomball!

Outdoor Ice Skating Event

3. Take a Christmas Light Tour

A Christmas light tour is a perfect low impact yet lively activity that your whole team can easily enjoy. Of course, you'll have to wait until it's dark outside, so this will have to take place after normal working hours. These events are usually very affordable, so you can use the savings to hook your team up with some hot cocoa and custom jackets!

Company Christmas Light Viewing Party

4. Plan a Company Ski Trip

What better way to spend an afternoon outside in the winter than on the slopes? Hook your team up with lift passes and ski rentals for a day go shred it up! Ski trips also make great small group company events. Gear up your team with logo-branded hatsgloves, and outwear!

Company Ski Trip

5. Organize an Outdoor Thanksgiving Potluck

Some people don't consider Thanksgiving to be winter just yet. We're jealous of those people, because Thanksgiving certainly feels like winter around the Merchology HQ in Minnesota. That being said, it's still warm enough to gather around a table and enjoy some delicious food with your coworkers. Order catering or make it a potluck so everyone can sample each other's cooking!

Outdoor Thanksgiving

6. Plan a Curling Tournament

Most people have absolutely no idea how much fun curling is. That makes hosting a curling event an even better idea because you get to show your team a new experience! Make things even better by providing your team with a custom beanie, custom puffer vest, or personalized hot cocoa mug!

Company Curling Event

7. Host a Company Sledding or Tubing Outing

If there aren't many skiers and snowboarders in your office, then a sledding and innertubing event is the next best thing. There's no skill that goes into sliding down a hill on your rear end, so everyone can participate! Plus, you still get a good amount of speed and excitement out of it. If there's not enough natural snow in your area, reach out to a local ski area to see if they're making snow!

Corporate Tubing Event

8. Have a Team-building Snowball Fight

Stir up some team camaraderie by organizing a company-wide snowball fight! Team snowball fights are a fun and easy team building event that requires almost zero materials aside from winter hats and mittens. Just head to a local park or set up some barriers outside of your office! Make sure to offer an activity for those who choose not to participate as well, such as a bonfire with hot chocolate. 

Company Snowball Fight

9. Visit a Local Ice Castle or Ice Sculpture Garden

If you're fortunate enough to live within driving distance of an ice castle, then it's a fabulous outdoor event to take your team to. Ice castles and ice sculpture gardens typically have other activities set up for you and usually offer food and drinks as well, making it easier to plan an event. You'll  find some of the best ice castles in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Utah. Just make sure to instruct people to wear warm boots and waterproof pants because the ice is cold and wet!

Ice Castles

10. Plan a Company Bonfire

Whether it's staying active or drinking warm beverages, you always have to find a way to beat the cold when planning an outdoor winter event. Nothing is better when you're out in the cold than curling up next to a toasty warm bonfire with your friends and coworkers! Bring along some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for s'mores while you're at it!

Company Bonfire

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Start Planning Your Winter Corporate Event Now!

Surely, one of these awesome outdoor winter corporate events will work for your team, so let's start planning right away! We're aware that many of the outdoor winter activities we mentioned here involve snow or are designed for colder climates. If you live somewhere that doesn't get as cold in the winter, check out the Fall Outdoor Event Guide for events more fitting to your lovely climate. Don't miss our other corporate event guides for party tips and ideas!

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