Case Study: Samaritan Health Services

Samaritan Health Gets Custom Stanley IceFlow Tumbers

After the past couple of years, we’ve seen the impact that our local hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations can have on our communities. Beyond providing patient care, they provide resources, help us live our healthiest lives, and strengthen our communities. Samaritan Health Services is a network of clinics, hospitals, and care providers that was founded to build up the community and provide excellent care for local individuals and families in the central Oregon Coast area.

We’re now keenly aware of the sacrifices that healthcare professionals make every day, especially in times of crisis. Over the past years, they’ve put their own health and safety on the line day after day, caring for numbers of patients that greatly exceeded the number of beds, working through the complications of pandemic regulations and restrictions, and performing under extremely stressful conditions. If there’s one thing healthcare professionals deserve, it’s recognition for their heroic sacrifice and selfless service.

That’s why we were so proud to work with the Samaritan Health team. They decided to give over 6,700 of their amazing employees customized Stanley Tumblers, and we worked together to make it happen!

Custom Stanley Iceflow Tumblers

Custom Logo Stanley 30 oz Ice Flow Tumblers

Samaritan Health chose one of our favorite custom tumblers for their employee gifts. The logo-decorated Stanley 30 oz IceFlow Tumbler is well known for good reason. Healthcare workers need to stay hydrated for long days (and nights), and the flip straw on this tumbler makes for easy sipping. Its double-wall vacuum insulation will keep drinks iced for two days, so you don’t have to worry about drinking lukewarm water several hours into your shift.

One of the best aspects of the custom Stanley IceFlow Tumbler is that it fits in your cup holder, unlike most large 30 oz tumblers! The IceFlow tumbler also comes with a handy fold handle for comfortable carrying when you’re on the go. No untwisting caps or struggling with a massive tumbler when your hands are full—the branded Stanley IceFlow Tumbler is designed to carry maximum ice-cold water with minimal effort! It was a great choice for the Samaritan Health team.

Custom Stanley IceFlow Tumblers

At Merchology, we have a variety of custom Stanley products! Shop custom Stanley tumblers, branded Stanley water bottles, corporate Stanley mugs and flasks, and logo-branded Stanley insulated food containers! Stanley corporate gifts are great for employees who are on the go, avid hikers and campers, fitness enthusiasts, and outdoorsmen of all kinds!

Corporate Stanley Cup Color Options

Another large aspect of our lives affected by the pandemic was shipping, and we’re still seeing the effects of these supply chain slowdowns. Originally, the Samaritan Health team had ordered their custom Stanley Tumblers in the colors Polar and Charcoal, but because of shutdown delays, it was going to take extra time to get these colors to their team. So we reached out to Stanley to try to get more color options, and we did!

We found a range of new, exciting colors to offer the Samaritan Health team, and they loved them! We were able to provide them with custom logo 30 oz Stanley IceFlow Tumblers in Polar, Charcoal, Lagoon, Cloud, and Grapefruit!

Custom Stanley 30 oz IceFlow Tumblers

Direct Shipping Branded Stanley Tumblers

At Merchology, we can dropship corporate gifts to your team members’ doorsteps! Direct dropshipping is a great option for companies with employees that report to different facilities—rather than making everyone drive to a certain location, we’ll send it to their address!

Direct dropshipping was a great solution for many of Samaritan Health’s team members, so we dropshipped about 550 Stanley Tumblers to employees’ personal addresses! It’s a perfect option for employees with unpredictable schedules, remote or hybrid employees, and those with a big commute. We were happy to offer this solution to the Samaritan Health team.

With direct dropshipping at Merchology, you don’t have to worry about shipping corporate gifts to employees yourself. It saves time and money, and it takes the stress off of your back. To have your merch shipped directly to individuals’ addresses, all you have to do is fill out a spreadsheet and send it to your Merchology rep. We’ll take it from there!

How Can I Dropship Corporate Gifts?

You can also have corporate gifts dropshipped to multiple office locations. Samaritan Health is a network of multiple hospitals, clinics, and offices, so this was a great option for their team. Direct shipping your merch to multiple offices works the same way as individual dropshipping, so you’ll just need to fill out our Direct Dropshipping spreadsheet. 

We were thrilled to work with Samaritan Health Services to provide their hardworking team with customized gifts that they’ll be able to use every day. These branded Stanley Tumblers will show off the Samaritan Health logo wherever their team members go, and brand awareness is sure to increase for their company. Thanks for all you do, Samaritan Health team!

Samaritan Health Custom Stanley 30 oz IceFlow Tumblers

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