How Does Double-Wall Insulation Work?

Branded insulated drinkware looks great and has perks like being leak-proof, long-lasting, sustainable and easy to customize. Commuters can grab their cup of choice as they head out, enjoying a chilled or hot beverage at just the right temperature without refrigeration or reheating. Personally, we think that corporate insulated drinkware is so appealing that it’s tempting to use it at home, too.

How Does Double-Wall Insulation Work?

You’ll find double-wall insulation in a lot of high-quality water bottles and tumblers, like ones from Hydro Flask and YETI. The drinkware technology uses two stainless steel walls that are separated by air, and the air is what keeps the cup insulted, as heat is forced to transfer through it.

To get more science-y, MiiR explains, “This design means the heat has to transfer first by conduction through one layer of steel, then by radiation and convection through the vacuum, and lastly by conduction through the other layer of steel.”

Translation: Hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold for a long time, without you feeling any uncomfortable temps when holding the bottle.


Custom MiiR White Powder Tomo - 33 Oz.

Is Insulated Drinkware Better for the Environment?

Most definitely! Reusable products limit waste, which is always better for the environment. And the more you use your double-walled bottles, thermoses and tumblers, the more good you’re doing for the world. Just make sure to tell your preferred coffee shop you want to use your own tumbler before they complete your order.

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We have lots of logo-branded insulated drinkware to choose from, like the custom 20-ounce Zusa Commuter Tumbler, which comes in navy, black and white, is dishwasher-safe, and has a base made from two recycled plastic water bottles. There’s also the logo-branded YETI 26-ounce Chug Cap Bottle that comes in five colors, including our favorite, Seafoam. The TripleHaul handle and shatter-resistant spout make this a perfect choice when portability is a priority. Then, when it’s time to slow down, there’s the corporate Corkcicle Clear Stemless Glass Set. Packaged in a lovely gift box, the glasses have flat sides for better grip (and no accidental drops).


Custom Zusa Navy Commuter Tumbler 20 oz Custom YETI Seafoam 26 oz. Chug Cap BottleCustom Corkcicle Clear Stemless Glass Set (2) 

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