Custom Embroidery Capabilities & Applications

Embroidery is our most popular decoration method here at Merchology. We like to think that no one in the industry does custom embroidery better. If you want to learn how commercial embroidery is done or how embroidering machines work check out our comprehensive embroidery guide. We’ve embroidered just about every product on our site that is made of some sort of fabric including everything you see below.

Custom Embroidered Apparel Options

Custom Embroidered Acessories and Promotional Product Options

Custom Embroidered Accessories & Promotional Product Options

Custom Embroidered Gifts at Merchology

At Merchology we embroider just about everything that can be embroidered. We even offer flame resistant thread and fluorescent & high visibility thread! Take a look at our thread color chart to get an idea of our color capabilities or contact us if you have any custom embroidery related questions!

When to use Embroidery as a Decoration Method

Embroidery is an extremely versatile and durable decoration method and is the preferred decoration method for many different types of garments. Here’s a quick rundown for when embroidered is and is not an appropriate decoration method.

When is embroidery the ideal decoration method?

  • When you want a professional look – in terms of apparel, custom embroidered logos usually look the best on polo shirts, jackets, and woven dress shirts. All these embroidered styles are perfect as corporate apparel for the office and beyond.

Corporate Logo Embroidered Gifts

  • When you are ordering custom hats or custom bags – embroidery is the ideal decoration method for custom backpacks, custom bags, and custom headwear because embroidered designs and logos are extra durable and don’t need to be applied to a flat surface like screen printed or digitally printed designs.

Custom Logo Embroidered Apparel

  • When you want a design with some texture – embroidered designs are elevated from the rest of the fabric of the garment and stand out better than some other decoration methods. If you really want your custom logo or design to pop, you could consider utilizing 3D Puff Embroidery.

When should I consider a different decoration method?

  • When your design contains a lot of different colors – most commercial embroidery machines have either 9 or 15 needles per head and most decoration companies will charge extra for additional thread colors.
  • When the clothing brand logo is not embroidered on the garment – if the apparel brand has added their logo to the garment in a decoration method other than embroidery it might be a good idea to match the decoration method in place, this is up to you though!
  • When you want to decorate an item that is not fabric – this may go without saying, but embroidery is a decoration method reserved specifically for fabric items. If you want to decorate something other than custom apparel, Merchology offers alternative methods such as screen printing, debossing, later engraving and foil stamping.
  • You are ordering custom activewear or workout clothes  activewear is typically made of fabric that is more suitable for screen printing, digital printing or digital applique. However, we do embroider activewear layering pieces and sweatshirts all the time!

Custom Logo Embroidered Activewear

Embroidery vs. Laser Applique

Laser Applique is a slightly more complex type of embroidery that is used to create a multi-layered design effect. With laser applique, you are able to create intricate designs with different layers of fabric and thread. There are a few different laser applique techniques that are commonly used including distressed applique, dye sublimated applique and reverse applique. 

Next Steps

Now that you know what we are capable of it's time to start shopping for your team's custom embroidered apparel or accessories! If you'd like to order laser applique embroidered products please reach out to us directly, as it is subject to availability. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any custom embroidery related questions or check out our complete embroidery guide. Still not sure if embroidery is the right decoration type for you? Take a look at our complete Custom Decoration Methods Guide to find the perfect decoration type for any application.