Custom Screen Printing Capabilities & Applications

Screen printing is an age-old decoration method that is known for its efficiency, vibrancy, and versatility. Screen printing is one of the most popular and most affordable methods of decorating custom apparel. Here at Merchology, we provide custom screen printing on a wide range of custom apparel and promotional products. Check out our step by step guide to custom screen printing to see how it works!


Our custom screen printing options include:

Any of these products from brands you know and love can be screen printed with your company’s corporate logo or custom design. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here you can submit a screen printing request or contact us for more information.

Screen Printed Custom Water Bottle

Screen Printing Applications

Once you're familiar with the screen printing process and our screen printing capabilities we can look at some common screen printing applications. Whether you are looking to deck out your team in awesome custom screen printed apparel or you want to spread your brand with custom logo promotional products, we’ve got you covered.

Under Armour Custom Printed Shirt

Here are some common screen printing applications our customers use us for:

Those are just a few of the ways our customers out screen printing to work for them. Take a look at our complete screen printing capabilities above or check out our blog for more unique screen printing ideas!

When Should I Use Screen Printing as a Decoration Method?

Like all decoration methods, custom screen printing has some benefits and drawbacks. Screen printing is the best choice if…

  • You are placing a large bulk order – because screen printing requires the fabrication of screens for each individual color used in a design, it is best reserved for large orders. Screen printing is the most cost-effective method for large quantity print runs, around 50+ items, and works especially well with items like t-shirts and tanks.
  • You are using a vibrant design, or you are printing on a dark surface - The ink in screen printing is applied thicker than other decoration methods, which results in brighter colors even on darker fabric.
  • You are printing on an unconventional surface – screen printing is far and away the most versatile decoration method in terms of material. While digital printing is limited to cotton and embroidery is limited to fabric, screen printing can be applied to just about anything - even golf balls!

Custom Printed Golf Balls

When Should I Consider a Different Decoration Method?

  • Your design includes a lot of different colors - A complex design with many different colors requires different stencils for each color, so this decoration method is best for logos with 4 colors or less. Since screen printing pricing changes based on colors and design, we’ve made it easy to request a quote for your custom screen printed products. Check out our most popular screen printing colors.
  • You want each product to be personalized – for products like sports jerseys that have individual names or numbers, screen printing is not ideal. Creating stencils and burning screens for all those names and numbers is very time-consuming. Heat transfer or digital printing is usually a better idea for individually personalized products or smaller orders.

What Products & Materials Can I Screen Print on?

So much more than just custom shirts! While screen printing is most commonly used for t-shirts, the screen printing process has very little limitations on what types of surfaces and fabrics can be used for printing. In terms of custom screen printed apparel, you can screen print on anything from hats to jackets.

Custom Screen Printed Speaker

 Outside of apparel, screen printing is great for custom promotional products. At Merchology we provide custom screen printed bags, electronics, drinkware, pens, notebooks and accessories in addition to clothing. Screen printing can also be done on just about any surface as long as it is flat – fabric, wood, metal & plastic, among many others. Put screen printing to work for your business - submit a screen printing request or contact us for more information. Check out our complete Custom Decoration Methods Guide to find the perfect decoration type for any application.