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It’s frustrating to receive large orders of corporate logo-branded merch that don’t work out. When you order merch that has quality issues, you lose precious time and money returning them. When you order corporate gifts in bulk, you expect to receive them on time--especially when you need them for an event or a giveaway. That’s where Merchology free samples come in.

We created our free sample merch program to help companies like yours test out our logo-branded products before you order them in bulk. We know how important it is to get high-quality, free sample merch so you can put your eyes and hands on the products you want to order before you commit to multiple units. Free promotional samples can help you to spot potential issues with a product and make changes before it’s too late. 

Interested in getting free sample merch from us? Read on to find out how.


Free Samples at Merchology

How to Request Free Samples of Custom Apparel and Gifts 

If you’d like to request free sample corporate apparel or free sample merch from Merchology, it’s easy to do:  

  1. First, head over to the Free Sample Program Page
  2. Select the product you’d like to sample. 
  3. Click “Request a Free Sample” below the product photo. 

Our Free Sample Program guide is a deeper dive into the program, so check it out to find out more about the Merchology free sample process.


Free Under Armour Samples

Free Samples of Custom Merch Available at Merchology 

Here at Merchology, we have a wide variety of custom merch available in the free sample merch program. Whether you want to sample logo-branded gifts or free promo clothing, we’ve covered all the bases.

Free Sample Custom Zusa Men's Vivid Blue/Navy Heather Stripe Polo

Our free promotional samples ome in a wide variety of brands and items, including: 

You can also get some of our most popular, best selling items as part of the program! We love the comfort and sustainability of Zusa. Likewise, Under Armour is a corporate apparel fan favorite. Whatever you choose for your Merchology free samples, we think you really can’t go wrong! 

Contact Us 

Want to take a look at some of our free sample merch before you order in bulk? Contact Us at Merchology for help requesting free promotional samples of corporate apparel and gifts today!