Custom Timbuk2 Bags

Merchology exists to connect you with one-of-a-kind gifts to reflect your unique brand. That’s why we love partnering with Timbuk2 for custom bags! The brand’s eye-catching designs, durable quality, and customization program set these bags apart.

At Merchology, you can fully design custom Timbuk2 bags for your whole team. From panels to pockets to straps, you can customize the colors and fabrics of your backpacks and messenger bags! By group ordering with Merchology, you can design Timbuk2 bags for your team, or each of your team members can design their own!

Rob Honeycutt founded the San Francisco-based bag company in 1989. Since its inception, the company has expanded its collection to include customizable backpacks, tech-savvy laptop bags, briefcases, travel duffel bags, messengers and more. Timbuk2 crafts each item considering function, ergonomics, and durability.

Whether you shop stocked styles or design your own bags, we embroider and print custom bags with your logo in-house! From start to finish, we’ve designed our process to be simple and streamlined.

With popular styles like the Tuck backpack, the Division Laptop Bag, and the Prospect backpack, you’ll find the right style to fit your brand. Shop the full collection of Timbuk2 custom backpacks and bags below!