Business Casual Cool: Flannel


Business Casual Cool: Flannel

Logo-Branded Business Casual Flannel

The Evolution of Business Casual

If you’ve started a new office job recently, you probably found yourself wondering about the dress code. You want to start on the right foot, looking professional and fitting in well with your new office environment. But, like many recent hires, you may have found yourself wondering whether the business casual that comes to mind is the same as it used to be. If you’re setting an office dress code, you want your custom business casual apparel to remain professional while keeping up with current clothing trends. 

The question we’re all wondering is this: has business casual changed? The answer: yes! As companies evolve their social practices, procedures, and overall structures, their dress code is evolving as a natural result. The global pandemic and the implementation of work-from-home schedules in the past few years have accelerated this shift at an extreme rate. Many companies have decided to change their dress codes completely. The evolution of business casual has opened up dress codes at companies of all levels.

In general, offices have begun to relax their dress codes. This means that, for office workers, there are more clothing options available for work! While this makes dressing for work easier in some sense, it can also be confusing. We’re here at Merchology to introduce one of the most recent business casual trends: the logo-branded business casual flannel!

With your company name and logo embroidered, custom branded flannel shirts hit the right mark

Can Flannel Be Business Casual? 

You may be wondering if flannel is a good option for your company’s dress code. In recent years, many companies have opened up their dress codes to include flannel shirts! To unify your workplace uniform, corporate flannel shirts can be embroidered with a company’s logo, just like a dress shirt or polo might be. Custom Flannel shirts are versatile and can be styled in many different ways and can make an excellent staple piece for your company’s logo-branded wardrobe. 

However, custom embroidered flannel shirts might be a better option for some companies than for others. 

Will Flannel Work for My Business?

Wherever you work, you want to be sure that your company’s dress code fits your industry’s unique needs, tasks, and aesthetics. Below is a quick list of businesses that are well-suited for custom embroidered flannel shirts!

1. Breweries and Restaurants

Breweries are all about a relaxed, enjoyable customer experience. They’re fun, casual, and sometimes have a more rugged aesthetic. A custom flannel shirt with your brewery’s logo would make a fitting uniform for hosts, servers, and owners alike. Build up brand recognition at your company’s next restaurant supply tradeshow, IPA tasting event, or conference!

 2. Orchards and Seasonal Events

Families and friends visit local apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes to make memories and enjoy special seasonal activities. Make your company a part of your customers’ memories with custom embroidered flannel shirts with your logo! Plaid flannel especially will capture the atmosphere of comfort and tradition that comes with autumn.

 3. Contracting and Construction

To manage construction, you need a durable, reliable wardrobe, and a business casual flannel might be the perfect fit for you! It’ll hold up the physical challenges of your workday while keeping you and your team looking clean and put together. Custom embroidered flannel shirts will keep the name of your excellent work at the forefront of clients’ minds!

4. Groundskeeping and Landscaping

The protection of a high-quality custom flannel shirt in the outdoors is tough to beat. For groundskeepers and landscapers working in cooler climates especially, a custom flannel will provide just the right amount of warmth without making you overheat. Once again, the durability of this material is a helpful feature for outdoor work. Add your logo to a custom embroidered flannel, and your team will be ready to take on whatever hard work comes their way!

Embroidering Your Company Logo

As far as logo application methods go, embroidery is perhaps the most reliable. It doesn’t wear off over time as other decorations can, and it’s less susceptible to washing damage. Its detailed, finished look gives off an air of quality and professionalism. Embroidery also adds texture to your design, so the logo on your custom embroidered flannel shirts will quite literally stand out!

At Merchology, we’ll add your logo to the chest or sleeve of the best name-brand flannel shirts. To make the process even easier, we’ve put together a list of our favorite comfortable, durable, in-style flannels!

Logo-Branded Vantage Men's Check Brewer Flannel Shirt

This custom embroidered flannel shirt touches the trending desire for a vintage look while sporting the quality of true vintage apparel with a thick, pure cotton blend. The custom Vantage Men’s Check Brewer Flannel will give the trustworthy, on-trend aesthetic you and your team need to provide the best experience for your customers and clients. We’ll embroider your logo on the chest or sleeve. 

Custom Vantage Men's Check Brewer Flannel Shirt

Custom Burnside Men’s Buffalo Yarn-Dyed Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

The clean look of this buffalo check custom embroidered flannel shirt will keep you and your team looking smart. The custom Burnside Men’s Buffalo Flannel comes in nine different color varieties so your team can choose their favorite styles while still looking uniform. Your logo will appear on the chest or sleeve!

Logo-Branded Burnside Men's Buffalo Yarn-Dyed Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt

Logo-Branded Burnside Women's Long Sleeve Solid Flannel Shirt

This custom embroidered flannel shirt is sophisticated whether styled on its own or layered. Whether it’s dressed up or made casual, the logo-branded Burnside Women’s Flannel Shirt brings dependable warmth and comfort wherever you go with its rich blend of cotton and polyester. We’ll embroider your logo to the sleeve or chest to make you stand out even more than this beautiful custom flannel shirt already does!

Logo-Branded Burnside Women's Long Sleeve Solid Flannel

Custom Port Authority Men's Plaid Flannel Shirt

The custom Port Authority Men’s Plaid Flannel Shirt is lightly brushed to enhance its already-soft, comfortable texture. It has adjustable cuffs to allow for all the movement you do throughout a day on the job. Whether you’re at a job site or working on projects around the house, you and your team will always go back to the comfort and flexibility of this custom flannel. Your logo will appear on the chest or sleeve!

Custom Port Authority Men's Plaid Flannel Shirt

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