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Company Store Options & Request a Store

Customer Testimonial on Company Showroom

“Merchology’s Company Showroom was exactly what I needed to help make ordering apparel online a simple and stress free process. We were able to present our employees with company-approved choices so we spent money on things they actually wanted while still representing our company well. We’ve reordered several times since opening our Showroom and look forward to our next shipment!”

Dave C., Midwest Lumber

Customer Testimonial on Pop-Up Store

"Hi Merchology, I just wanted to say Thank You for the recent order placed through our Pop-Up store. Our company has ordered several times in the past but the Pop-Up Store was EXACTLY what we needed for a recent event – a place to send our attendees to select what they want. The virtual store freed up a TON of time for me personally so I could focus on other event-related planning, and I knew I could count on your team to get the product out correctly and on time. Having several product options to choose from (with our logo mocked-up on the products no less!) in the store was perfect – I’ve actually heard from some of the attendees after they placed their order how easy it was! Keep up the great work - your decoration, pricing, and product selection is first class!"

Jill S., United Healthcare

Company Showroom

Pop-Up Store

Perfect for... Orders of all sizes (12 to 1000's),
adding inventory to internal stocking programs,
uniforms, and reordering. Save your favorites
in one place - its your virtual showroom!

How it works:
• Email your employees a custom Showroom
page filled with products of your choosing
• Employees then send you (the buyer) their
product/sizing, and you will place the aggregate order(s)
One-time events or buying occasions, such as:

• Year-end company gifts
• Customer appreciation event
• Sales conference
• Golf event
• Company retreat/picnic
Who places the order (physically "checks out") at the end of the process? A centralized company buyer - presumably you (after you've received and aggregated feedback from employees/customers/attendees who visited the showroom) Each employee/customer/attendee places their individual order in the store, after picking out what they want
Availability Indefinitely Open Pre-Determined Open and Close Dates
Can the Pop-Up Store be re-opened for another event/timeframe? N/A (this store option remains indefinitely open) Yes
Minimum Order Size None, unless product minimums apply $8,000 Minimum per Store Open/Close
Unique URL Page (to email employees/event attendees/etc) Yes Yes
Company Logo on the Front Page Yes Yes, and additionally can include a custom landing page image
Is the main merchology.com site hidden from visitors? No No
Will the product images include my logo on them?
No, product is blank as seen on the main merchology.com site Yes, each product is digitally mocked up with your company's logo so visitors can see what the product will look like decorated
Number of Products (includes each color of a given style, and both genders) Up to 20 Up to 20
Can I change product in/out based on season? Yes, once quarterly No, product is fixed once store is open
What happens with backordered or discontinued product? Product in the Showroom is subject to change due to availability Product in the Store is subject to change due to availability
# of Logo Locations 1 location per garment, max 3 locations showroom-wide 1 location per garment, max 3 locations store-wide
How many versions of my company logo can be included?
Two Max (typically a lighter version for dark garments and a dark version for light garments, or tonal) Two Max (typically a lighter version for dark garments and a dark version for light garments, or tonal)
Logo approval (via emailed sewout) prior to decoration of entire order? Yes, of course! Yes, of course!
Order Processing Time Standard - ships 10-12 business days following day of order placement (plus transit time) Standard - ships 10-12 business days following store Close Date (plus transit time)
# of Shipping Destinations 1 Ground Shipping Destination included with orders of 12+, additional locations (commercial-only) incur additional expense 1 Ground Shipping Destination included, additional locations (commercial-only) incur additional shipping charges and must be agreed upon by Merchology
Can I send individual products to residential addresses? No No
Can I get samples to view before setting up the store? Yes, click here for sample information Yes, click here for sample information
Discount Code Distribution (store credit for employees/attendees) No Yes
Ability to hide pricing (due to it being a gift)? No Yes
Option to have all items be 100% paid for by employees? No No
Net 30 Financing
Yes, however must be pre-approved and pay half down at order placement (before product is decorated) Yes, however must be pre-approved and pay half down at Store Close (before product is decorated)
Links to Examples HFH Showroom HFH Pop-Up Store
Written Contract to Proceed No, submit request below to get started! Yes, view here: Company Store Agreement

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