Rethink Corporate Gifting For 2023

Rethink Corporate Gifting for 2023

Fresh Corporate Gift Ideas for This Year

As we move into 2023, business leaders everywhere are evaluating their practices and considering changes for the future. It’s no secret that the labor force has changed significantly over the last three years. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review explores how the pandemic has changed employees’ expectations. In order to keep their best workers, companies must offer mental health support, paid leave, flexible schedules, and other benefits that foster a healthy working environment. If you are in charge of corporate gifting at your company, you can be a part of this change by rethinking your approach to your logo-branded employee gifts.

In this article, we’ll explore how corporate gifting trends are shifting in 2023, and we’ll discuss how your business can make all your employees feel valued and appreciated.

How to Improve Your Corporate Holiday Gifting for 2023

To improve your employee gifts, focus on your end goal: creating a positive environment, where employees are happy and want to do their best work. Inclusivity and personalization are key components of reaching this goal.


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Celebrate all Year Long

Does your gifting plan focus mostly on the winter holidays? If so, you’re not alone. However, your team works hard all year, and it’s a good idea to show your appreciation more than once a year. You can offer incentives for meeting goals, or you can celebrate cultural holidays outside of the Christmas season. HR Morning suggests recognizing non-religious celebration days such as Employee Appreciation Day in March. You can change your corporate gifting to be more inclusive and consistent by finding times to celebrate other than December.

Celebrate the Entire Year’s Accomplishments During the Holidays 

While it’s a good idea to give employee appreciation gifts throughout the year, you probably aren’t going to stop giving the expected year-end gifts. The HR service WorkBright suggests that “it’s important to spend most of the holiday party focusing on the bigger picture.” That is, use your year-end celebrations to recognize the goals you’ve met throughout the year. This practice helps your team move into the New Year with a sense of accomplishment, and it keeps celebrations meaningful even for employees who aren’t so keen on the holidays.


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Consider Different Perspectives When Planning Holiday Events

Of all the holiday gift trends that your company is considering, the most important is inclusivity and diversity. In fact, it’s not just another trend; it’s part of an ongoing effort to achieve fairness and equality in all aspects of your business. According to Forbes, “Inclusivity is a main theme in the workforce today, and for good reason. Everyone has different backgrounds, personalities, religious beliefs and cultural ties.”

Forbes suggests carefully choosing your holiday party dates so they don’t conflict with any of your team’s religious or cultural observances. They also suggest care when choosing your menu. For instance, you likely shouldn’t make pork a centerpiece of your menu, since some cultures avoid it. You likely also have employees who practice sobriety for any number of reasons, so be sure to offer some delicious non-alcoholic beverage options. 

No single person can think of every needed accommodation or inclusion, however. That’s why WorkBright says it’s important to have a diverse planning committee for your holiday celebrations. You can also invite employees to bring food, gifts, and decorations that celebrate their personal cultural celebrations and beliefs. By including as many perspectives as possible, you can make sure your events and gift choices make everyone feel welcome and appreciated.


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Give Personal, Rewarding Company Gifts 

We get it. Your job keeps you busy, and it’s really easy to place one bulk order of a single logo-branded gift to give to all your employees. But in today’s shifting business atmosphere, you should consider a more personal gifting approach. When you take the time to truly get to know your employees, you can choose meaningful custom gifts that appeal to their interests. Merchology puts your company logo on a wide variety of products, so you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your team. 

Here are just a few of the gift options available: 

Additionally, Mercholoy offers multiple services and tools to make personalized giving easier:

  • MerchBox - These curated, themed gift boxes allow you to easily order fun collections of gifts. There are MerchBoxes for new parents, dog lovers, beach trips, picnics, and more!
  • MerchStore - If you have hundreds of employees, it’s impossible to choose individual gifts for each person. With MerchStore, we help you create an online pop-up store, so each employee can choose the gifts they want!
  • Group Order Tool - This tool lets each employee choose their sizes, as well as product, color, and style preferences.
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Always Ask for Feedback

Even with the best intentions, you’re unlikely to immediately get all changes to your corporate gifting perfect. Plus, your company’s demographics will shift each year, and holiday gift trends will continue to evolve. You should always provide surveys and questionnaires to your team, allowing them to tell you which traditions they enjoyed and to suggest improvements. Being open to feedback is the best way to ensure that your celebrations and gift giving are enjoyable for everyone.

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Now that you’re up to date on the latest trends, it’s time to start preparing for your corporate gifting for 2023! Contact us at Merchology, and we’ll help you find the perfect logo-branded gifts to make everyone on your team feel appreciated and included.