Set Up a Custom Company Store for Your Employees

Custom company stores are a great way to place group orders for your whole team, where each member can choose the company-branded merchandise they want! And the best part? Everyone's selections are eligible for a combined quantity discount to save you the most on your branded gear. 

How Do I Create My Company Store?

  1. Create a Merchology account using your work email (must be a custom @domain).
  2. Fill out the Create a Company Store form!
  3. Select the awesome products you want available in your company store.
  4. Invite your teammates to browse your company store and pick their merch! Remember, everyone you invite needs to have the same email domain.
  5. Once everyone has made their selection, proceed to your company cart to see your combined discount and place your order!

Setting up a custom company store is so easy, you can get it done the day before your vacation.

Benefits of Custom Company Stores

There’s a ton of great advantages provided by our company stores feature, but we’ll highlight a few of the benefits that our customers love the most.

  • Completely Curated to Your Needs – choose from our top selection of your favorite brands and add the desired products to your company store. Then upload your logo and your team will only see the available options and your logo will already appear on each product!
  • Quicker Group Ordering – the group ordering process is greatly expedited by a custom company store because your team can see all the options available with your logo already added and easily select their product of choice in their size.
  • Compounded Quantity Discounts – our pricing is based on quantity, the more you order, the more you save! Our company stores feature takes this into account and applies discounts based on the total combined quantity of your group order for maximum savings.
  • No Need to Track Down Sizes – one of the biggest problems with ordering apparel for your team is tracking down every employee’s size. It can be extremely time consuming and a little embarrassing. A custom company store removes this headache from the equation.

What Our Company Store Feature Offers

  • Wide variety of brands and products: Merchology is all about your logo + brands you love. That's why we offer over 250 of the world's leading retail brands in apparel and gifts.
  • A centralized admin that curates product selection and uploads your logo for the order: The admin selects an array of styles for your co-workers to choose from, and also digitizes your logo or design for the order.
  • A centralized admin distributes a link to your co-workers: The admin can then invite employees from your company (with the same @ email domain) to join the store and add their desired item and size to the group shopping cart.
  • One Check-Out: Once your co-workers all select their items, the admin who created the store will check out and pay for the entire order. Everyone pooling their order together increases your discount!
  • One shipping location: As it’s currently set up, all items in the group cart must be shipped to one destination.

What Our Company Store Feature Cannot Offer at This Time

  • Individual payments
  • Multiple shipping destinations
  • Other email addresses NOT a part of the same @ email domain
  • More than one admin (including Merchology as an admin)

Next Steps

If you have any questions on how to set up your custom company store check out our company store FAQ page or contact us for answers! If you’re ready to get started, go ahead and create your very own personalized company store right here. It's fast. It's simple. It's fun. And it's way hipper than ordering via spreadsheet. Because passing around a PDF is so 2005.