Traveling with S'well

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It's no secret that when it comes to custom drinkware, S'well is one of the brands leading the pack. With high quality, insulated styles that also include unique colors and patterns, our collection of S'well products is truly unmatched. The best part about S'well is that they didn't stop at custom drinkware. They've expanded their collection to include food storage containers, reusable straws, ice buckets and more! When you're planning your travels, it's important to have drinkware and other products that travel smoothly and fit easily into your travel gear. We've rounded up our top picks to show you how to bring S'well (and your brand) along with you on your next trip.


Roadtrip - S'well Eats Food Bowl

S'well food and snack containers from Merchology

Great for kids and adults alike, the S'well Eats Food Bowl is the perfect way to sustainably store snacks and food that needs to stay chilled for your next roadtrip. Whether you're just traveling to your local park or traveling across the USA, make sure the snacks stay fresh to keep everyone happy! Ideal for fresh fruits, small piece snacks and even small salads, these food bowls will help you ditch single use plastic bags and keep your food even more fresh than before! Be sure to add these custom food bowls to your list of road trip essentials.



Daily Commute - S'ip Takeaway Mug

Did you know the average commute time in the US is 27 minutes? That's a good amount of time to enjoy your morning coffee. When you're driving to work, nothing can make the trip better than having a hot cup of fresh coffee to accompany you on the road and improve your commute. These S'ip Takeaway Mugs feature a splash-proof lid for easy traveling, and a chic handle for effortless carrying. Not only do these mugs look sharp and keep your coffee hot, they look even better with your custom logo. The S'ip by S'well Takeaway Mug is sure to be your official commuting mug!



Long Weekend Getaway - S'well Teakwood Ice Bucket 

This 68 ounce ice bucket is sleek, functional and the perfect addition to any weekend getaway. Whether you're heading up to the cabin for a city break or even venturing into downtown for a weekend destination, this is a must-have for your happy hour beverages. Elevate your extended weekends and 3 day weekends by keeping the bar fully stocked with essentials! Keep your wine chilled or your cocktail ingredients at hand, or simply use it just for ice. The stainless steel accents contrast perfectly with the teakwood design, and both will look great with your company logo.



Outdoor Adventure - S'well Traveler Bottle

The Traveler Bottle is everything you need in a water bottle when it comes to your outdoor adventures. The wide mouth makes for easy filling and drinking, and the unique shape is comfortable to hold, but also fits into most backpacks. These insulated water bottles will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours, meaning you can adventure all day with ice cold hydration! The Traveler Bottle is available in 12, 16 and 20 ounce sizes, so find the perfect size and color for you and your brand! Complete your outdoor adventure gear collection with the perfect drinkware. This bottle is sure to be one of your camping and hiking 


Flight Friendly - S'well 17 oz Water Bottle

If you're looking for the perfect companion for your next flight, you've found it. The 17 ounce water bottle brings you drinkware in the perfect size for easy travels, high quality insulation, and a secure leak-proof lid. These bottles are the staple S'well style, and are a tried and true product in the drinkware world. The slim design fits into most backpack and bag styles, and will keep you hydrated for your flight and beyond!


Staycation - S'well Drink Chiller

Sometimes, you don't need to travel far to find some rest and relaxation! If your weekend plans simply include enjoying your patio, backyard or the comfort of your own home, complete your experience with a S'well Drink Chiller. Perfect for your favorite canned beverage, these insulated drink chillers will keep it ice cold and help you unwind! The classic teakwood design will add a trendy touch to your drinkware collection.


Accessorize Your S'well Drinkware

Your S'well collection doesn't need to stop there! Add one of these accessories to make your travels even easier. The Traveler Handle can clip onto your gear to make your outdoor adventure a bit more hands-free, and the reusable straws are another great way to ditch single use plastics!


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