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Dell Chooses Sustainable Brand Zusa for Custom Employee Gifts

When Dell reached out to Merchology about their custom gifting needs, their dedicated account owner knew right away which brand to turn to; our sustainable brand, Zusa. The project required global shipping capabilities and adequate inventory, as the final product would be shipped to over 3,000 employees worldwide. With Merchology's drop-shipping program and Zusa's fantastic product selection and inventory levels, we made it happen! Dell also utilized one of our favorite Merch Solutions, the Group Order Tool, which allowed each individual to select their color choice and make their size selection. Although 3,000 items is a very large project, the Group Order Tool made the process efficient and effortless!

Group Order Tool: Making Large Group Orders Easier Than Ever

Ordering custom gifts for a large group can be a daunting task. When you’re in charge of the logistics that go into ordering custom merch for a variety of employees, chances are you don’t have a ton of extra time to dedicate to the project. That’s why we’ve perfected the art of ordering merch for a large group with the Group Order Tool. The Group Order Tool is one offering in our assortment of Merch Solutions, which made ordering merch easier than ever.

The Group Order Tool allows you to simply add members to a custom group order, and distribute a unique link to each member. This company store link gives them access to the ordering site, which displays product offerings and details, and allows each individual to select their sizes and input their address. This process alleviates the stress and hassle of collecting sizes and addresses, which can take hours, and also reduces the chances of inputting incorrect information.

A Look at the Custom Merch:

Dell chose one of our best-selling Zusa items; the Zusa Wanderlust Jacket! Available in three colors for both men and women, this sustainable corporate jacket is a customer favorite and pairs perfectly with any logo. The water-resistant and wind-resistant shell is combined with a cozy fleece lining, making this the ideal eco-friendly company jacket for cooler days no matter what season we're in. With a hood on the women's style and large pockets on both men's and women's, this is the perfect outerwear piece for everyone. 



Zusa - A Carbon-Neutral Clothing Brand Built For Customization

Zusa officially became Carbon-Neutral certified in August 2022, which has made choosing Zusa even more impactful! When you order custom Zusa for your team, you are making a difference. With the apparel industry being the second largest contributor to waste and environmental toxins, it's important to be conscious of the garments we're outfitting our teams with. That's why becoming a Carbon-Neutral business is a huge accomplishment, and we're excited to provide your company with the opportunity to join the movement. 

You can learn more about this exciting achievement here, and learn how you can take steps towards becoming carbon-neutral here!

We Ship Directly to Their Doorsteps!

Dell's large order of custom jackets proved that ordering merch for a team of 3,000 is actually easier than it looks! Combined with the Group Order Tool or even on their own, with our direct shipping capabilities, you can skip the hassle AND the storage challenge by sending your custom merch directly to your recipients. Simply order your merch, and your work is done! We recommend pairing your favorite Merch Solution with our direct shipping capabilities for the ultimate merch experience. It truly doesn't get any easier. Learn more about our direct shipping here

Check Out the Group Order Tool

Learn more about the amazing tool that helped bring the Dell order to life! Skip the hassle of large group orders and incorrect sizes this year and create your unique company store with the Merchology Group Order Tool. Choose the products and clothing items you want to offer to your team, add your company logo file to the store, and let everyone shop 'til their hearts' content!

Make group merch orders easy with the Group Order Tool from Merchology

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