How Often Should You Get New Work Uniforms?

When to Replace Employee Uniforms

These days, employees are looking for more support and empathy from their employers. During and after the pandemic lockdowns, many people had additional time on their hands to reflect on what they wanted for their lives, health, and careers. Updating your custom employee uniforms is one great way to show the people on your team that you care about their comfort, confidence, and well-being—all while boosting your branding! 

If you’re wondering when to update employee uniforms, you’ve come to the right place. That depends in part on your overall business goals, and in part on what your employees need. Ready to consider a custom uniform refresh? You’ve come to the right place. 

How Often Should I Replace My Staff Uniform?

How often you replace your custom employee uniforms really depends on several factors: 

  • Working environment (and whether the clothing is prone to getting dirty or torn)
  • Whether you’re rebranding and refreshing your corporate look 
  • How often your team wears their corporate “uniforms” 

Corporate work uniforms may be part of your team’s daily wardrobe. In that case, you’ll want to update and replace their uniforms more frequently. On the other hand, if your team only wears a uniform occasionally (such as a logo-branded polo or button-down shirt, for example), there will be no need to replace it on a regular basis.


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Why Should You Update Your Company Uniforms?

Updating your corporate work uniforms helps you stay on top of trends, keep your branding up-to-date, and boosts team morale. The better your team members look and feel in your uniforms, the more likely they are to do a stellar job. Adding to their confidence and comfort on the job could also help you boost your customer experience. 

How Often Should You Update Employee Uniforms?

Wondering when to update employee uniforms? It’s a good idea to aim for every year to eighteen months. This rhythm keeps your employees’ uniforms from getting worn out and keeps your team looking professional. It also helps you to stay on top of trends if you’d like.


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