Buyers Guides: Hotels and Hospitality

Buyers Guide: Hotels & Hospitality

Buyers Guide: Hotels and Hospitality

If you manage any aspect of a hotel or hospitality business, you understand that presentation is a key part of the guest experience. An essential component of creating an enduring hospitality business is your visual branding, including how and where you display your logo and branded designs. Custom hotel uniforms are just one part of the bigger picture.

Can your visitors easily pick out one of your employees in a crowd? Do your team members look clean and unified during their everyday tasks? Logo-branded employee uniforms promote brand awareness and help your guests easily identify your workers in any space.

Making corporate hospitality uniforms part of your overall brand strategy is an important component of your presentation. You want your hotel or hospitality business to be unforgettable so your visitors come back again and again. Level up your team’s look--and their brand representation--with resort hotel uniforms. We’ll show you how.

Custom Logo Work Shirts

Providing hotel uniforms with a logo helps make your team members easily identifiable to visitors coming and going from your facility. This is especially helpful since, during their stay, your guests may come and go from your hotel at all hours. They won’t always see the same team members, depending on what time of day or night they interact.

If you manage a hotel, your guests will interact with team members during the first, second, or third shift, depending on how you structure your team's work days. Help your employees stand out with custom logo work shirts in your brand colors. When you add a custom logo to your branded shirts, your team can proudly represent the brand experience.

Now, let's talk about a few of our favorite custom logo work shirts for your hospitality business.  First up is the Harriton Men's Bahama Cord Camp Shirt. This breezy button-up comes in an array of colors and is the perfect style for your resort hotel uniforms. It’s a wrinkle-free camp shirt that’s both easy to care for and easy on the eyes. Even better, it comes in women’s sizes, too.


Custom Harriton Men's Cloud Blue Bahama Cord Camp Shirt  Custom Harriton Women's Cloud Blue Bahama Cord Camp Shirt

The Devon & Jones Women's White Drytec 20 Performance Polo (also available in men’s sizes) offers a clean, casual look that works well in a variety of hospitality settings. These comfortable white shirts are easy to spot and made for all-day wear in a variety of environments. If you’re looking for a hotel uniform with a logo that really stands out, consider white polo shirts so your design will really pop.


Custom Devon & Jones Women's White Drytec 20 Performance Polo  Embroidered Devon & Jones Men's White Drytec 20 Performance Polo

Need something a little more relaxed? Corporate Zusa Women's and Men’s Heather Stripe Polo Shirts are a great choice. They come in heather grays and blues for a softer look and feel.


Corporate Zusa Women's White/Steel Heather Stripe Polo  Corporate Zusa Men's White/Steel Heather Stripe Polo

Logo-Branded Long-Sleeve Button-Downs

Logo-branded long-sleeve button-downs are the perfect shirts for dressing up your staff’s corporate hospitality uniforms. Want your concierge team to look snappy and sharp? Need a little extra flair for hosts and servers in your event and dining spaces? Then a long-sleeve button-down can really complete the look.

For a standard, clean-cut button-down that features your logo, try the Custom Easy Care Twill Dress Shirt from Cutter & Buck (comes in men’s and women’s cuts). These classic tops work well in any dressy-casual or semi-formal hotel or hospitality environment. Even better, they’re fashionable, comfortable, and easy to care for.


Custom Cutter & Buck Men's Black Easy Care Twill Dress Shirt  Custom Cutter & Buck Women's Light Blue Easy Care Twill Dress Shirt

Want to give your female employees the option of three-quarter sleeves? The branded Devon & Jones Women's Perfect Fit Three-Quarter Sleeve Stretch Poplin Blouse is a dressed-up button-down shirt with sleeves that end at the forearm. Its stretch fabric gives it a flattering fit while also leveling up the comfort for freedom of movement.

Custom Devon & Jones Women's Perfect Fit Three-Quarter Sleeve Stretch Poplin Blouse

Corporate Cardigans

Corporate cardigans can be incorporated into your custom hotel uniforms. They’re great for layering in the colder months, for team members who spend a little extra time outside, or for individuals who often feel chilled indoors. When it comes to cardigans, your employees can achieve a variety of looks while also representing your brand colors and sporting your logo.

If you’re looking for a soft, feminine flair in your cardigans, the corporate Charles River Women's Cardigan Wrap could be the perfect fit. With its soft, lightweight fabric and asymmetrical cut, this button-free cardigan is both pretty and comfortable. For a more classic look, consider the Port Authority Women's Concept Stretch Button-Front Cardigan. Both options come in a variety of rich colors to pair with your brand logo.


Embroidered Charles River Women's Black Cardigan Wrap  Embroidered Port Authority Women's Concept Stretch Button-Front Cardigan

The Port Authority Men's V-Neck Cardigan Sweater with Pockets is a solid, comfortable option for your hospitality team, too. It features a button-down front with pockets, which always come in handy, particularly if your employees often carry business cards, notepads, or pens at work. These cardigans compliment corporate hospitality uniforms, layering effortlessly for comfort and keeping your brand front and center.

Logo Port Authority Men's Value V-Neck Cardigan Sweater with Pockets

Cold Weather Wear

When it comes to your resort hotel uniforms, keeping your team members warm and comfortable in the elements is at the top of the list. In the cooler months, comfortable layering options are essential. Your employees need warmth and freedom of movement to stay at the top of their game. 

For a relaxed, casual layering option, try custom The North Face Men's Urban Ridgeline Soft Shell Jacket. Its warm fleece is insulated, ensuring your employees stay cozy--even when they’re working outdoors. Whether your team members are operating the valet parking service or working the front desk, you can be sure they’ll feel their best in this jacket.


Custom The North Face Men's Urban Navy Heather Ridgeline Soft Shell Jacket

The Zusa Women's Cross-Hatch Wanderlust Traveler Jacket is a versatile waterproof and wind-resistant jacket with a snug fleece lining, making it suitable for cold weather conditions of all kinds. Whether it’s chilly, raining, or snowing, your team members will be protected from the elements. Even better, you can add your logo for an easily recognizable, branded look.


Custom Zusa Women's Grey Cross-Hatch Wanderlust Traveler Jacket

For layering in spring or fall, consider a sweater vest such as the corporate Harriton Men's Pilbloc V-Neck Sweater Vest. This classic look provides a little additional warmth without a full jacket layer while keeping your team members looking unified and professional. That way, they can add and remove layers as needed. You can have your logo embroidered on the left-hand chest of these vests, too.

Corporate Harriton Men's Dark Navy Pilbloc V-Neck Sweater Vest

Custom Winter Accessories

When the bone-deep cold of wintertime sets in, your custom hotel uniforms will need to follow suit. Likewise, if you operate your hotel or hospitality business in a cold climate (such as a ski lodge), you’ll need to ensure your people are weather-ready.

Provide your employees with cold-weather accessories to keep them warm, especially if their duties require spending time outdoors greeting guests, assisting with luggage, or valet parking, for example. You can give these items as hotel corporate gifts, or simply include them with your employees’ resort hotel uniforms.

A simple beanie with a clean design, like The North Face Vintage White Mountain Beanie, is a fantastic winter accessory. These beanies come in a variety of colors, so you can select your main brand color and add a logo for easy recognition. Top off the look with a logo-branded Sport-Tek Spectator Scarf or Roots73 Maplelake Knit Mittens.


Embroidered The North Face Vintage White Mountain Beanie


Custom Sport-Tek Spectator Maroon/White Scarf  Custom Roots73 Smoke Heather Maplelake Knit Mittens

Corporate Lunch Bags and Coolers

Logo-branded coolers and lunch bags can make great hotel corporate gifts for your team. Equip your employees for a great day at work with a durable, custom-insulated lunch bag. Alternatively, you can give away coolers as prizes at company events. 

Some of our favorite lunch bags include the corporate YETI Navy Daytrip Lunch Bag and the custom Arctic Zone Grey Repreve Recycled 6 Can Lunch Cooler. We also have a wide array of coolers available in all sizes, like the branded OGIO 6-12 Can Cooler. If you’re interested in a unique branded gift that reflects the same high-end experience you offer your guests, your employees might enjoy a corporate Field & Co. Charcoal Campster Craft Growler/Wine Cooler as a departure from the norm.


Custom YETI Navy Daytrip Lunch Bag  Corporate OGIO Black 6-12 Can Cooler  Custom Field & Co. Charcoal Campster Craft Growler/Wine Cooler

Fun Company Gifts

Your hotel and hospitality staff members deserve a little fun and relaxation--as well as quality hotel corporate gifts to show your appreciation for them. In addition to providing comfortable and durable resort hotel uniforms, you should also be thinking about how you’ll reward your team. If you plan fun company events, make sure to include gifts in the mix.

Your team will love a logo-branded Bose Lux Grey Soundlink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker with clear, crisp sound to enjoy all their favorite music. A Leed's Black Folding Moon Chair makes a fantastic contest prize for your next corporate event. We’re a little partial to the W&P Black Cocktail Canteen as a company party gift--and we think your team will be, too.


Custom Logo Bose Lux Grey Soundlink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker  Custom Leed's Black Folding Moon Chair  Corporate W&P Black Cocktail Canteen

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Custom hotel uniforms can be a quick and easy win for your team! With so many brands and styles to choose from, you can build the perfect corporate hospitality uniforms while displaying your brand design and colors in a memorable way. If you’re ready to get started with your team’s workwear or accessories, call a Merchologist for help today!