How Much Do Custom Pullovers Cost?

Find out how much it costs to make custom hoodies and sweaters for your team or company

Ordering Branded Hoodies and Sweatshirts

A key way to help your company feel comfortable and connected at every step, making custom pullovers and sweatshirts can be a perfect corporate gift or customer giveaway. Yet one of the most common questions the Merchologists here tend to receive often is, "How much do custom pullovers cost?" Below you'll find out the average item cost for custom sweatshirts as well as some of the initial steps you can take to get a corporate order of custom hoodies for your team this year!

With your business' logo and brand name added, custom corporate pullovers can increase your company's brand recognition and give your team members a cohesive, professional look. From chilly autumn days in the office to evening volunteer events and cold winter retreats, logo embroidered sweaters and half-zips can show your employees how much you value their hard work and maintain a united look at every turn.

Give a long-lasting company present that your coworkers, clients, or team members will actually love to wear with custom hoodies and pullovers featuring your brand's style. Below you'll find out how much it costs to get custom sweatshirts made, the different methods of decorating hoodies, and how to start getting your company's order together.


Find out how much custom pullovers cost to make for your organization

How Much Does It Cost to Order Custom Pullovers?

The most popular custom sweatshirts and zip-ups generally cost between $25.00 to $40.00. With a ton of options and styles available; custom hoodies can cost as low as $11 apiece up to $200 depending upon the brand and features you need for your team. From thin, fitted hooded tees to thick waterproof and flame-resistant outerwear, a wide range of apparel is available to feature your company's logo and brand name.

One way to keep the price of your custom pullovers low is to order enough for every person in your company! This includes coworkers, clients, partners, and even family members. The price per piece is driven lower by ordering large quantities while the quality and creativity remain the same! Choosing a premium brand and style such as Nike, Under Armour, The North Face, or others ensures that your logo branded apparel is cool and trendy for years to come.

Different Ways to Design Custom Hoodies

There are a plethora of places you can add customization to your company's custom hoodies and sweatshirts! You can add logo decoration to the front of the piece along the right chest area, left chest area, or the full center section. Brand name and logo additions can also be placed along the right or left sleeve of the sweatshirt as well as along the top edge of the hood.

On top of the placement of your company's logo and brand name, there are several different decoration methods available to complete your corporate branded apparel! Check out some of the most popular logo decoration methods here:

Embroidered Logos

Easily the most commonly chosen logo addition type, embroidery is a long-lasting choice that makes an impactful statement. Digitized and created by machines, embroidered company logos add texture to the custom pullover and provide a more durable custom design that will last long against years of washing.

Screen Printed Logos

One straightforward way to incorporate your brand name and logo into a custom sweater is by screen printing. Screen-printed logos essentially take a digitized stencil of your design and apply multiple layers of fabric ink to the piece. To create a more modern and sleek look, screen printing is one of the most cost-effective decoration methods and can handle highly detailed designs easily.

Laser Applique Embroidered Logos

One of the most up-and-coming clothing decoration methods is laser applique embroidery. Ideal for highly detailed logos and name designs, laser applique embroidered logos allows you to add a full-color print to a piece of clothing. Delivering a similar look to unique patches, laser applique logos create one-of-a-kind styles that still keep costs low overall.

Find out how to order custom hoodies to keep your company looking great day after day

How to Order Custom Hoodies

Choose the Sweatshirts to Customize

Begin by narrowing down your options! With thousands of styles and colors to choose from and premium brands available such as The North Face, Under Armour, Puma, and more; whittling down the pack can be tricky. Get the opinions of a few other colleagues and select a timeless design that everyone will look great in. Don't forget to select matching options in men, women, and unisex sizes.


The classically cool Port Authority Black Zip Up Hoodie is perfect to showcase your company's logoFor a great-looking corporate gift, choose the bright Royal Blue SweatshirtA great look for anyone and everyone, the Zusa Chilly Oatmeal Zip Up creates a clean, professional look

Add Your Company's Logo Online

Select and upload your business' brand name and logo design to your company account online! Merchology will save your logo file on the site for safekeeping while you finish up your order. Once you choose your pullovers or hoodies, we'll show you a mock-up of your final product right online!

Place Your Order

Get sizing information and color choices from your team members and when ready, simply go ahead and place your order online! Our team of designers will email you a final digital proof for your products, and once you approve the look - you're good to go!

Let Merchology Help You!

Read more about the different ways you can create your team's dream corporate sweaters and pullovers with the Decoration Methods guide! Learn about the different decoration locations for sweatshirts and the looks of each customized style to find the perfect fit for your company and brand.

Get help with putting together a team order for your group today and reach out to us at Merchology! We'll make sure that you have all of the information you need to create the perfect promotional apparel order for your company.