Plan a Company Branded Gift Set

Plan a company branded gift set with MerchBoxes from Merchology

Create a Company Logo-Branded MerchBox

Until now, corporate gifting was a hassle. It was a stressful task full of gathering sizes and addresses, finding the right products, combining those products into a visually-appealing presentation, and then worrying about shipping and distribution. We were passionate about revolutionizing the art of custom gifts, and the outcome of that project was our highly-successful MerchBox. A MerchBox combines everything you love about giving AND receiving a beautiful, custom gift, but most importantly, the process couldn’t be more effortless.

As you’ve probably seen, we continually launch new turnkey themes that are simply ready for your custom logo, but something you may not know is that you can customize a MerchBox from the inside out. You can create a custom gift box that is 100% your brand, from the products you choose to the box they all come in. In case you don’t know where to start, we’ve laid out the steps you can take to make sure that creating your own custom MerchBox is as easy as we intend it to be. Most importantly, we hope creating your own custom corporate branded gift set is as FUN as we think it should be!

An important thing to note is that our team of dedicated account representatives is there for you throughout the entire process. Although these characteristics are great to know ahead of time to make the process quick and easy, we don’t want you to worry if you aren’t there yet! Our team can help you brainstorm, research products, gather pricing quotes, send logo mock-ups, and so much more.

Step 1. Choose a Theme or Occasion

A great first step to creating your own custom MerchBox is actually to take a look at our current turnkey themes. These themes were created and launched with many gifting occasions in mind, and are always relevant to the current season. We’ve gathered our top gifting occasions, holiday gift ideas, and just because themes, and launched the perfect branded company gift bundle to go along with them. Even if you’re set on creating your own MerchBox from scratch, checking out these themes is a great source of inspiration, and will help you lay out your game plan.

For example, notice the product assortment, the various price points of products, the logo decoration methods used, and more. Once you decide your theme or gifting occasion, our team will help you narrow down the product selection, and can even send recommendations your way to help you assemble the best branded corporate gift set for your team!

With your company logo added to each piece, shop custom logo-branded corporate gift sets for your team

Step 2. Determine Your Corporate Gift Budget

It may not be the most fun step, but it is an important one. Determining your budget is a great task to tackle right away. This will make sure that your representative isn’t wasting your time by sending you products that are either below your expectations or are exceeding what you can spend.

If you need help determining what you can spend on each recipient, take your budget information to your representative, who can then help you sort out the fine details. There is never a budget too small to create an incredible custom MerchBox that your team will love; trust us, we’ve worked with every budget in the books! 


Step 3. Determine the Quantity Needed

After you figure out your budget and your goal price-point per branded company gift set, determine the quantity needed. There are a few things to keep in mind when determining this aspect. The first of those is product minimums. A few of our products require a minimum quantity to be purchased, and we want to make sure that your product assortment doesn’t run into any issues once it’s finalized.

The next thing to keep in mind would be your ordering cadence. Do you plan on ordering and shipping MerchBoxes regularly? If so, you’ll want to make sure your required quantity aligns with inventory, and this is where our representatives can assist you.

Step 4. Choose Your Custom Branded Merch!

Now, the most fun part! It’s time to choose your merch. We know that navigating our product selection can be a bit of a task, but don’t worry. Once you decide on your theme or gifting occasion, our experts will get to work. This is our expertise, after all!

There are a few things we love to keep in mind when selecting the merch for your custom company gift set. The first is that we like to stick to around five to six products for a classic MerchBox, and two to four products for a lite version. In addition, we want to select products with a deep inventory and no foreseen back-orders, and we like to make sure the products include a similar lead time with shipping to our facility and decoration process.

We also like to encourage including an array of product categories. Creating a mix of hard goods, apparel and accessories is an easy way to bring your MerchBox to the next level.

Step 5. Consider a Custom Company Branded Box

Although it comes at an additional cost, adding a custom box design can tie together your complete new MerchBox. Showing off your logo from the inside out is a great way to get your team excited for their new merch, and takes the presentation to the next level! Our team can work with you to create your new box design that perfectly pairs with your box of custom merch.

If you’d rather stick to our classic design, or a custom logo-branded box isn’t in the budget, no worries! Your team is going to be just as excited when they see our boxes delivered to their doorstep!

Step 6. Get Creative! Add Your Custom Logo

Adding your custom logo to all of your selected products is a great way to experiment with different decoration methods, colors, and variations of your logo! Between laser engraving, embroidery, screen printing, and more, the options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect ensemble of logo decoration. 

Direct Shipping to Their Doorstep

Remember how we said our MerchBox process makes sending out custom gift boxes easier than ever? Our direct shipping capabilities are what make this statement true. No need to find storage space in your office, or worry about everyone receiving their box safely. We take care of all of that!

Simply send us your addresses for your recipients, and we can ship each MerchBox directly to the recipient’s home. This feature is especially great for those connecting with their employees while they work remotely, or also a great way to make your MerchBox even more of a surprise. Learn all about direct shipping here!

Check Out the Merch Solutions 

Ordering custom merch should be exciting and fun, and our innovative spirit allows us to develop the tools needed to make that happen. From bundling and kitting your corporate gifts with our MerchBox services to taking the hassle out of custom group orders with our Group Order Tool, we have our processes down to a science. Look through all the branded Merch Solutions we offer and see how you can bring your company merch and corporate gifts to the next level!

Get Started on Your Custom MerchBox!

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