Osprey All Mighty Guarantee

Osprey makes some of the finest backpacks and travel accessories on the planet, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that they stand by their products. In fact, if there is any damage, issue, or defect with your pack Osprey will repair it for you! Plus, if no functional repair can be performed they will replace it with a brand new pack. With that kind of a guarantee this might just be the last backpack you ever own.

Osprey All Mighty Guarantee

Osprey All Mighty Guarantee FAQs

Q: What do I need to do to get my pack repaired?

A: First, click here to obtain your Return Authorization Number. Detailed shipping instructions will be included with your Return Authorization Number. Never send your pack in without a Confirmation Number.

Q: What if I just have a broken part on my pack?

A: If you're dealing with a broken zipper pull, buckle, or something of the sort that you feel comfortable replacing yourself you can submit a Part Request Form and Osprey will send you the parts you need.

Q: How long will it take for my pack to be repaired?

A: Turnaround times for pack repairs vary depending on volume and time of the year. Repairs can sometimes take as long as 6-8 weeks during certain periods, so be sure to allow enough time for repair before your next trip.

Q: What if my pack can't be repaired?

A: If no functional repair can be made to your backpack then Osprey will replace your pack with a brand new, undecorated version of the same pack. If the pack you've sent in is no longer in production, then Osprey will reach out to your regarding replacement options. It is also important to note you will not receive your old pack if repairs can not be made.

Q: Who pays for the shipping?

A: How about splitting the cost? You are responsible for shipping your pack to Osprey for repairs and then Osprey will cover all costs associated with repairing your bag and shipping it back to you.

Q: What is not covered by the All Mighty Guarantee?

A: It is Osprey's goal to get your pack back to the way you like it. However, there are certain circumstances in which the AMG does not apply, including...

  • Sizing or Fit Issues
  • Personal Preferences
  • Cosmetic Wear and Tear
  • Lost or Stolen Bags
  • Third Party Repairs
  • Program Packs
  • Hydraulics Reservoirs

Q: Does the All Mighty Guarantee cover issues with product decoration?

A: Since we handle product decoration in house, Osprey does not cover issues with logo personalization. If there is a problem with how your products are decorated upon arrival, just contact us and we'll make it right!

Q: Will my replacement product be decorated?

A: In the spirit of conservation, Osprey will always try to repair your product before replacing it entirely. However, if an replacement is necessary, the replacement product will be blank.