Top 7 Spring Corporate Event & Company Outing Ideas

Spring is in the air, time to climb out of wherever you’ve been hibernating all winter long and get outside! We are sure that your co-workers are just as excited to get out and enjoy the weather as you are, so here are seven fun spring company party ideas your team will love.

Top 7 Spring Company Event Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Party: March 17th

We’re cheating a bit here since Spring doesn’t TECHNICALLY begin until just after St. Patty's Day. We hope you’ll let that slide for one of the most underrated holidays of the year! Wrap up work for the day early for some green beer and traditional Irish cuisine or take the whole team out for a happy hour. Just make sure to arrange for rides home after if necessary!

St. Patrick's Day Merchology

Company 5K Race Event

We’ll be the first to admit it, exercising isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to our minds when thinking of spring party ideas. That being said, a company 5K is an amazing opportunity to get out and get active, and you can even turn it into a fundraising event for charity! A 5K is a distance that most can handle, but make sure to have alternate activities for those who decide not to run.

How to Plan a Company 5K Race Event

Administrative Professionals Day – Last Wednesday in April

Did you know that admin professional’s day is coming up? A small party or company event is a great way to say thank you to your secretary, administrative assistant or receptionist! Check out our blog for some additional ideas on how to show your appreciation.

Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day

Kentucky Derby Party – First Saturday in May

If you want to throw a company party on the weekend rather than during the week this spring, then a Kentucky Derby Party is a fantastic idea. Kentucky Derby parties are a great opportunity for everyone to dress up in their fancy (and loud) outfits. Think bow ties for men, oversized hats for women, and pastel colors for everyone. Once you’re all dressed up place your bets and take in “The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports”.

Kentucky Derby Party

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby typically fall within a few days of one another on the calendar depending on the year. You’ll probably want to pick one or the other to celebrate with your co-workers and colleagues unless you’re the energizer bunny. Here at Merchology, we celebrate Cinco every year with a Mexican potluck and MARGS!

Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

Company Golf Outing

If you’re like us, then when Spring rolls around you can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the weather after being cooped up indoors all winter long. Taking your group out for a company golf event is a fantastic way to get outside and built some team comradery. While corporate golf outings are some of the most fun spring events, they can be tricky to plan, so check out our Golf Event Planning Guide for some tips!

How to Plan a Company Golf Event

Company Picnic, Barbeque, or Cookout

Here’s another opportunity to get outdoors that’s also the tastiest way to show your staff appreciation this spring! There’re a few different approaches you can take to throw the ultimate spring company picnic:

On-Site Company Barbeque

A good way to make sure all employees can attend your spring event is to host it during working hours at the office either in the parking lot or on the grounds. This format also allows you to hedge your bets against the weather, which is never a bad idea in the spring.

Merchology Summer Company BBQ

Off-Site Company Picnic

Reserve an outdoor space or head to a local park for an afternoon of relaxing outside with some delicious food and drinks. If you don’t want to cook everything at the grills that are provided you can host a potluck or cook-off style event and have everyone on your team bring something to contribute to the feast.

Restaurant or Catered Event

Can’t host your party at the office and the forecast is looking bleak? Reserve a party room at a local restaurant or rent out an event space and hire catering. At meal-oriented corporate events it's common to have a presentation, give out awards and recognition, or have some hired entertainment.

Next Steps

Now that you have some awesome ideas for your Spring work party, it’s time to start planning. We went deep into the planning side of the event in our Summer Corporate Event Planning Guide, so be sure to check that out for some tips including budgeting your event, planning your menu, and planning entertainment for your guests. If these guides were helpful don’t miss our other planning guides for more tricks of the trade!