How Much Does Logo Embroidery Cost?

Getting embroidery on merch, whether it’s apparel for your team or giveaways for a trade show, is the most long-lasting and durable way to display your corporate logo. Don’t let embroidery cost stop you from looking into all the possibilities. At Merchology, we make it easy and affordable to add custom logo embroidery to your corporate merch. 

Embroidery is one of the many methods we use to decorate your logo-branded corporate apparel. If you’re wondering how much logo embroidery costs, we can break it down for you. Let’s jump right into it.


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How Much Does It Cost to Get Custom Logo Embroidery? 

Here at Merchology, the lowest you'll pay for embroidery is $0! 

We offer free embroidery on one qualifying logo per order, as long as the logo’s stitch count is under 10,000, and the order hits the item minimum. Qualifying items include clothing and soft goods such as blankets, towels, hats, and similar items. If you’re wondering what the item minimum is for a product, you can reference it on each product page. 

If you don’t need the item minimum for your order, you’ll pay a $49.00 setup fee for your logo. There is also a $49.00 setup fee per each additional logo you add to your item. In addition, if you want multiple logos embroidered on a single product, you’ll typically pay $4.00 per piece, depending on the product. 

Luckily, you don’t have to do the math. The cost you see on our site when you set up your order includes the decoration fee if applicable, so what you see is what you get! 

Think your design might be over 10,000 stitches? One of our Merchologists can get you a custom quote.


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What to Expect From the Logo Embroidery Process

The logo embroidery process at Merchology is fairly simple. When you submit your logo, it will first be digitized, meaning that the logo will be mapped for our embroidery machines based on its intricate colors and design. Next, your thread colors will be selected. After that, we’ll run a sample stitch-out. Once your embroidery logo design is approved, we’ll put your order on embroidery machines that will read your final file and stitch your logo based on its specifications. 

Read more details about our step-by-step embroidery process here

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