What Are Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifting has been an important part of business for decades. Industries have changed over the years—the corporate world in particular. These days, culture-as-a-service and employee care are on the rise. With so many corporate teams working remotely, improving the employee experience has become critically important.

Creative corporate gifts are logo-branded items that help to strengthen your bond with your team. The gifts you send to your employees could include branded apparel, tech gifts, drinkware, and more. You can opt to send your team members swag or invest in a memorable experience for them.

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Why is Corporate Gifting So Important? 

Businesses that send out a company logo gift for employees are contributing to employee care. That’s because branded business gifts can raise morale for your team. A thoughtful, high-quality gift can help your team members feel well cared-for and appreciated. 

Corporate gifting can contribute to a healthy workplace dynamic and support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. It can bolster your company’s internal relationships and help your employees to feel part of a strong community. When executed well, a healthy workplace culture that includes logo items for employees can help your team feel proud to be a part of your company. 

Not only is corporate gifting important for your internal culture; it’s also great for presenting your business to the public. When you make creative corporate gifts part of your business strategy, you can effectively raise brand awareness and build a strong reputation for your company. Everyone loves gifts--not just employees, but your prospective clients, customers, and corporate partners, too.

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Prioritizing Corporate Giving Post-COVID

Corporate gifting became a higher priority for many companies post-COVID. During the pandemic, the scattering of employees to remote work locations created a need to help isolated workers feel closer to their teams and companies. 

In fact, 80% of companies said that giving corporate gifts helped to improve their rapport with employees. Forty-eight percent of those employers said they noticed a “substantial benefit” from corporate gift-giving.

High-quality corporate gifts kept remote employees feeling appreciated and connected despite the difficulties of lockdown. Corporate gift baskets with logo branding also became a go-to employee appreciation gift. They gave employers a way to send care packages to their teams during a challenging time. 

Now that most companies have settled into their new normal or returned to business as usual, in-person gatherings are on the rise again, too. Corporate party gifts can help liven up any event, including trade shows and company parties.

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Shop Merchology’s Corporate Gifting Guide 

Ready to get started with corporate gifting? Check out Merchology’s Corporate Gifting Guide. It’s a great starting point for logo-branded gift ideas that will wow your team and we can help you select gifts your employees are sure to love. 

We offer exciting, trendy themes or the option to create your own combination of creative corporate gifts. Each product sports your logo and can be directly shipped to every recipient. You can choose gifts such as logo-branded apparel, high-quality tumblers, Bluetooth speakers, tech tools like wireless headphones, and so much more. 

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