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Custom Cornerstone Men's Polos

As one of the most versatile workwear garments on the market, Cornerstone Men's Polos work well at the office, as well as on bustling construction sites. Cornerstone incorporates highly resilient materials into the stylish men's polos. Mostly polyester, Cornerstone men's polos prevent odors from building up and ruining an otherwise outstanding workday. Proprietary snag-proof design prevents the men's polo shirts from catching on the sharp edges of protruding objects, such as jagged metal that hangs from partially torn down structures. Highly breathable, Cornerstone Men's Polos keep the skin cool by removing perspiration quickly. Available in several colors, the men's polo shirts mix and match with a wide variety of pants styles to keep you in the fashion loop. All of the men's polos offered by Cornerstone include a left chest area where you attach a custom logo that promotes your business.