Custom Embroidered Logo Examples & Embroidery Guide

Included below are several examples of stitched-out corporate logos, along with their respective stitch count. The vast majority of corporate logos embroidered on the left chest, sleeve, or cuff of a shirt (or front of a hat) are under our free embroidery maximum of 10,000 stitches.

The instances where a logo would be over that stitch count could be a graphic with a large "fill" (an area that needs to be filled in with a colored stitch)--that is typically what causes a logo to go above 10,000 stitches. Additionally, logos requested to be digitized larger than the standard 3.25" size can also cause the stitch count to go up.

If you have any questions about your logo, feel free to get in touch with us here, or visit the FAQ for answers to common logo questions. For embroidery specific info check out our Custom Embroidery Capabilities and our Guide to Commercial Embroidery.


Embroidered Mosaic Technology Logo, 3300 Stitches

3,300 stitches

Embroidered Jexet Technologies Logo: 4300 Stitches

4,300 stitches

Embroidered BioGene Seeds Logo: 6200 Stitches

6,200 stitches

Embroidered Cogen Electrical Services Inc. Logo, 7600 Stitches

7,600 stitches

Embroidered Habitat for Humanity Logo, 7500 Stitches

7,500 stitches

Embroidered Ideal Florida Realty Logo, 9100 Stitches

9,100 stitches

Embroidered Golden Nugget Lake Charles Logo, 11,700 Stitches

11,700 stitches

Embroidered The Pizza Truck Co. Logo, 12,800 Stitches

12,800 stitches


What Products Can Be Embroidered?

Embroidery is the most popular decoration method used at Merchology! We will embroider just about any type of custom apparel and accessory that can be pierced with a needle and thread. Check out our complete custom embroidery capabilities to see a complete list of the products we can embroider your corporate logo on. Otherwise, here's a quick look at some of our most popular choices:

Custom Embroidered Patagonia Sweatshirt

How Does Commercial Embroidery Work?

Embroidery is a unique decoration method in that it is commonly performed for both massive commercial operations and in small mom and pop shops. The process differs greatly depending on the size of your project, your design, and the machine you're using. However, we've broken down how embroidery is done on a commercial scale and provided a video below to give you an idea of how we can add your corporate logo to apparel and accessories through embroidery!

What Are My Embroidery Thread Color Options?

We have your company's colors! If you know the exact Pantone colors you would like in your custom embroidered logo or design then head on over to our PMS thread color matching chart to find your match! Work in a hazardous industry? We've got high visibility and flame resistant thread options as well.

Photo of Thread reading "Your Logo+The Brands You Love"

Where Can I Have My Logo Embroidered on the Product?

The answer to this question really depends on the product that you are customizing. Logos are placed on the left, right or center of the chest or on either sleeve for custom polos, sweatshirts, and other shirts. Your logo would most likely be embroidered on the front or side of our headwear options and it can be placed in a multitude of locations on custom bags. Click into any product for further logo placement information.

Shop Custom Embroidered Hats

What Are Alternative Customization Methods?

At Merchology we practice more than 10 different decoration methods to add your company logo or custom design to a wide range of apparel and accessories. If you're not sure which customization technique is right for your application check out our comprehensive Decoration Methods Guide. If you have an idea where to start you can click into a customization method below to see our capabilities.

We're always looking to expand our decoration type offerings to meet our customers' needs. If you don't see your desired decoration method here be sure to contact us, because we may have just added it!