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Embroidered OGIO Bags

Durable, long-lasting, and capable of handling just about any type of cargo. That’s the simple—and yet oddly refreshing—idea behind OGIO, first created in the 1980s. As a brand, OGIO has focused almost exclusively on sport bags, from messenger and duffels to golf bags and innovative backpacks. In essence, OGIO is a brand exclusively for people who value “doing stuff,” whether that stuff means traveling by air or train or hiking or even simply going to class and not worrying whether your textbooks will suddenly fall out of a pouch, the zipper broken in twain. Embroidered OGIO bags are fashionable, sleek, and offer a sort of unique individuality without requiring the use of pink feather boas and peacock-colored lining. In other words, OGIO is the type of baggage you want to carry with you, especially if you’re highly protective of your precious cargo.