Top 10 Virtual Event Ideas that are Actually Fun

It's never been more important to interact and have fun with your team, even if you can't get together in person. While planning an outdoor corporate event is safer, the safest option is always to plan a virtual event. Here are our 10 favorite virtual event ideas that your team will actually have fun doing.

1. Virtual Online Games

Online virtual games designed for group play were popular long before work from home became a reality for most of us. Games like Among Us and Jackbox games like Quiplash and Drawful are fun and engaging games that are easy to play for just about anyone. Better yet, these online games are super cheap too!


2. Virtual Wine Tasting and Food Tasting

Want a virtual event that's guaranteed to be a hit? Send a few bottles of wine to your staff and take part in a virtual wine tasting! You can also take it a step further by providing food or cheeses to pair with each wine. If you're not a fan of wine, you can also consider beer or whiskey tastings too. Complete the experience with a custom charcuterie board or some personalized wine accessories featuring your company logo!

Virtual Wine Tasting

3. Virtual Darts Tournament

For this fun virtual event idea you'll need at least two dart boards and two sets of darts. To make this work you'll either need to purchase a dart board for everyone in the company who wants to participate (fun corporate gift idea!) or mail the dart boards from one location to another week by week.

Once you have your dart boards, point one camera at the dart board and another camera at yourself. You can easily do this by using both your computer and phone. Then join a video call with both devices and have your competitor do the same. You're now ready to face off in darts! You can make this even more fun by setting it up as a tournament with matches each week. You can also do this same idea with beer pong or horseshoes too!

Virtual Dart Match

4. Virtual Cooking Class

This is the perfect virtual event to schedule over your lunch break because it doubles as a team lunch! Companies like Host will provide you with a real chef that will walk your team through cooking up a tasty dish step by step. Make sure to either send your team ingredients in advance or reimburse them for the ingredients if they make the purchases themselves. While you're at it, why not include some custom aprons or kitchen utensils with your company logo?

Virtual Cooking Class

5. Virtual Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have always been a favorite of the Merchology staff when it comes to team building activities. While you don't get the same level of realism from a virtual escape room, the strategy and teamwork elements remain. Companies like The Escape Game will host your event for you so you can focus on the game!

Virtual Escape Room

6. Virtual Mixology Lessons

Outside of an actual happy hour, there might not be a better way to end a Friday than with a virtual mixology lesson. Not only do you get to learn a new skill, you also get to enjoy some delicious cocktails with your coworkers! In addition to cooking classes, Host also hosts virtual cocktail making lessons as well! Check out our collection of custom cocktail sets and relaxation products in our Unwind Collection for the perfect way to wind down your week.

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

7. Virtual Bingo

Bingo is one of the oldest group games around and it's just as easy to play virtually as it is to play in person. Virtual bingo is an especially good idea for extremely large teams. Plus, with virtual bingo you won't have to teach anyone the rules ahead of time. All you need is a host, digital bingo cards, some prizes, and a random bingo number generator like this one.

Virtual Bingo

8. Virtual Yoga Classes

Release some tension and stretch those sore muscles with an online yoga class for the whole team. Many yoga studios are now offering virtual yoga classes, so try to support a local studio in your area! Before your event, make sure to send out custom yoga mats so your team has all the equipment they need to participate.

Virtual Yoga

9. Virtual Trivia

Virtual trivia events are super easy to host and they do a great job of getting everyone to participate. If your team isn't big enough to host an internal trivia competition, team up and join a trivia night in your community! If you do decide to host your own trivia night, spice it up a bit by offering some prizes to winners!

Virtual Trivia

10. Virtual Movie Night or Virtual Watch Party

Using steaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Twitch you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies together without actually being together. You can either allow the use of cameras and microphones or limit interaction to chat only so you can focus on the show. Another popular idea is virtual watch parties to watch your local sports teams games together. Take it up a notch by sending your team a cozy custom logo blanket and popcorn bowl!

Virtual Watch Party

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